Do not eat the world’s most dirty fish

Catfish which is the dirtiest fish on earth, like dirty water and like eating carrion, furthermore the body has a variety of parasites, so it is completely trash fish.

Catfish, the world’s most dirty fish, please do not eat. Share to your friends, to tell the relatives and friends around.

Do not eat the world's most dirty fish

The following is the real story of the catfish in China. In Haikou City, Hainan Province, slope Lane Road, there is a small alley, within 50 meters have 7 large and small fish ponds. The fish ponds is around by chickens and pigsty pond floating garbage. The dense catfish swimming in this kind water. The pond has existed for more than ten years, pig manure, chicken manure and the surrounding farmers toilet feces discharged into the pond.

Catfish farmers introduced, the catfish salvage about every 3 months, and a pond to fishing more than 10000 pounds of fish, mainly sold to Haikou fish hot pot restaurant and food stalls.

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