Do not eat breakfast will become "big belly"?

In fact, with the accelerated pace of modern life, many people have been accustomed to do not eat breakfast, which accounted for a large proportion of young people, and some people do not even have breakfast. Everyone knows that this is harmful to the body, but it is not clear what harm in the end, today, pop healthy living network will take you to explore the disadvantages of not taking the breakfast.

Do not eat breakfast will become "big belly"?

Some people think that do not eat breakfast can lose weight and blood pressure, in fact, it is really on the contrary. The researchers found that compared to the regular breakfast people, the people do not eat breakfast are more likely to become obese, the men is 1.9 times higher risk of “big belly”, and women are even reached 4.5 times! This is because they do not eat breakfast, lunch and dinner will inevitably eat too much food, especially for dinner, after dinner soon to sleep. Body has little chance to digest and absorb completely, so continuously for a long time, the body overwhelmed, and the excess heat can easily lead to fat accumulation, and make people fat. Do not eat breakfast will become easy fat physique. In addition, do not eat breakfast will accelerate the aging of the human body, affecting the skin color, causing constipation, etc.. Over time, may lead to visceral fat, and even high blood pressure, “big belly” to find you.

Experts said that a good breakfast should include three major necessities of grain, eggs, milk, beans and vegetables and fruits. With too much fat or high fat products as breakfast will also lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, affecting the efficiency of the day.

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