Do not buy the following 5 kind cakes for your children

1, try not to buy the hydrogenated vegetable oil cake

At present, most of the cake scream is hydrogenated vegetable oil, and the crust also added the hydrogenated vegetable oil or margarine. The traditional option is to add real cream and butter.

2, try not to buy Crisp cake

The Crisp cake means must be added a lot of fat, and the nutritional value is very low. In the present case, usually the vegetable shortening oil is added, which contain trans-fat. Also as a high energy food, the cheese cake will be better, because at least cheese contains a lot of calcium, vitamin AD and vitamin B family and protein, but the vegetable shortening oil has nothing but the trans-fat.

Do not buy the following 5 kind cakes for your children

3, as far as possible not to buy the cake with a lot of add color and flavor

The color of the cake should as close as possible to the primary colors, in addition to a small amount of embellishment, it is not advice to use any strong color. The cake that adding a lot of cheap flavors will smell better.

4, do not pursue the cake with much “fresh” fruit

Most of the fruits in the fruit cake are canned fruits, and they can’t play any role in your body healthy. A handful of kiwi fruit slices, strawberries and so on, is also not fresh, but the number is very small, only for the decoration, so it is better to directly buy fresh fruit to eat.

5, do not have to buy the cakes with white chocolate chip or dark chocolate chip

The vast majority chocolate used in the chocolate cake shop are mostly the cocoa butter chocolate, with trans-fat, but almost no one of the cocoa polyphenols, its health value is negative.

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