Different women is required in men different periods

First stop: Men premarital emotion

Before marriage, man hopes to have a beautiful, well-educated, propriety and tender woman accompanied by side. Because of the beautiful, it will be good feeling, and also be good to hear or see; because be well-educated, she should be a model of propriety; and the tender women can shown the men hard feature to keep balance.

Different women is required in men different periods

Man second station: after marriage emotional

The men after marriage, he will not only rely on the woman, but also would like to follow the orders. Because the wife care at home, make the man feel deeply great of the home. Home becomes the man “harbor” or “sweet paradise”. In order not to disappoint the expectations of his wife, the man is often more assiduous in business and more progress.

As the years passed, the man’s career is successful, and the honeymoon relationship between husband and wife is no longer. The man at this time, because of frequently social activity with more temptation, when encounter some nice women, regardless of the purpose, status and performance are unusual. First, they want to be a lofty ideal people by highlighting the professional knowledge. Second, show their full knowledge with astronomy geography, literature, even who can predict the future. The third, showing humorous language which is full of humor.

Different women is required in men different periods

Man third station: emotional affair

Whenever a man in the face of extramarital feelings, it is including the following two conditions:

First, as a female writer described it: “a man is just like a dog, based on different structure, they will go out and spread a few urine in their life, so it should not be so fuss, but he still want to go home, and still loyal, dogs are loyal. ” This paragraph of word confirms the secular evaluation of men.

Second, man is purely lustful, when they face a different style, different quality, and different cultures girls, they always different performance showed admiration.

Different women is required in men different periods

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