Different food for your body part fatigue

Eye fatigue eat wolfberry

The office worker staring at the front of the computer or a dense array of statements all day, the eyes will feel soreness unbearable. Eating wolfberry can reduce UV stimulation, the protection of the optic nerve is not damaged. In order to play eye effect of Chinese wolfberry, the best way and the most simple, is to be chewed to eat. Generally healthy adults eat about 20 grams of wolfberry a day is more appropriate. If it is dry chewing wolfberry, the number should be halved, otherwise easy to nourish excessive.

Different food for your body part fatigue

Brain fatigue eat nuts

Office work brain has been in high speed running state from morning till night of heavy workload. A lot of people reflect that they have headache after every day. In addition to get up and walk around every 1 hour to relax nerve. Furthermore, at 10 o’clock in the morning or in the afternoon 3 o’clock eat a handful of walnuts kernels, pistachios, almonds the nuts. They contain abundant lecithin, vitamins and trace elements, has a good brain repair effect.

Stomach fatigue eat millet

Office workers a lot of socializing, drinking, smoking, eating and drinking too much, eating time is not the law so that the stomach is very hurt. Millet has the effect of good for stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the millet can warm the stomach function.

Leg fatigue eat banana

Many people have to business travel all day, so the leg load is very heavy. Often run all day, the legs are sour and bulge, so to eat some bananas. One is because bananas are rich in potassium, which can effectively alleviate the fatigue of the body; the second is because the potassium can exclude the body of excess salt, make originally swelling of the legs become thin. Different food for your body part fatigue

Heart fatigue eat red beans

Working group have many meetings and entertainment and need to worry about things one after another. Recommended eating red bean when winter tired time. The red bean is rich in fibrous materials, on have clinical effects on lower blood lipids and blood pressure, improve the function of cardiac activity etc.. At the same time, it is rich in iron, can gas blood, very suitable for lack of effort of women edible.

Sound fatigue eat pear

Company meetings are more for the office workers, a lot of people do the conference report, the program is explained when the time is even a few hours of non-stop, not even the time to drink water. It is recommended to eat a pear every day.

Although these foods are able to help us to effectively resist fatigue, but the best way to treat fatigue is timely rest.

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