Different aphrodisiac food for different country men

1, Europeans like to drink malt and malt oil

Europeans have an old recipe to enhance sexual function that mixed malt powder together with milk, honey, and drink before going to sleep, which can increase nutrition, but also can enhance sexual function.

Because, the malt oil contains special components which have preventive recession, and the real root cause is the natural vitamin E. Medical study found that, vitamin E can stimulate the male to produce sperm.

Compared with the malt vitamin E, the synthetic vitamin E do not have so fast effect to prevent recession effect fast. Therefore, the scientists believe there is some mysterious substance in the wheat germ oil.

Different aphrodisiac food for different country men

2, American men eat nucleic acid food

America scientists Franz found that: if the nucleic acid in the body is sufficient, it can effectively increase the function of the body, so it can indirectly improve sexual function and delay aging.

High nucleic acid food includes beans and soy products, seafood, such as fish, shellfish, shrimp, etc.. Furthermore, the animal liver and lean meat is highly rich in unclear acid, and the green vegetables also contains much nucleic acid.

Different aphrodisiac food for different country men

3, the Middle East men eat natural honey

The natural honey contains a lot of plant male reproductive cells, which contains an endocrine hormone similar with human pituitary hormone, which has significant biological activity of active gonads. In addition, natural honey sugar is easily absorbed by human body, which is beneficial to the formation of semen.

In Turkey, Israel, and many Arabia countries, the typical aphrodisiac food is mixed with sesame and honey. Babylonian women use it to increase sexual attraction, and restore the man after sex energy.

Different aphrodisiac food for different country men

4, British men eat seaweed

Food scientists study of the British Dietetic Association found that thyroid is largely responsible for sexual arousal and sexual stimulation. The low thyroid activity will reduce sexual activity and sexual desire, and seaweed contains rich in iodine and other minerals which are important material guarantee of thyroid activity.

Different aphrodisiac food for different country men

5, German men eat nuts

All kinds of nuts, seeds contain rich vitamin B, vitamin E, and especially mineral content is higher than other food, in addition it still excellent sources of protein. These can all arouse sexual desire and cause sexual impulse.

Study on the German doctors found some people often eat pumpkin seeds prostate disease is very low, and this is because the pumpkin seed contains a substance which can affect male hormone producing. The following nuts all have the same effect, including wheat, corn, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, peas, peanuts, walnut kernel.

6, Canadian men drink melatonin

Melatonin is also called melatonin, according to tests found that as long as the supplement of some synthetic melatonin before bedtime, it can restore the physiological function, including sexual function.

Different aphrodisiac food for different country men

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