Diet taboo in patients with hypertension

1, hypertension patients should not spicy diet

Hypertension diet is the main law requires light diet, so high blood pressure patients cannot eat greasy and spicy food, in particular, cannot eat chili. Pepper is hot food, if high blood pressure patients with fever, constipation, pain and other symptoms, eating chili will aggravate symptoms, offset antihypertensive drugs play a therapeutic effect.

2, hypertension diet cannot be too salty

Patients with high blood pressure to limit the intake of sodium salt, so sodium salt can make small arteries spasm, elevated blood pressure, and accelerate the process of hardening of the renal arterioles. Especially salty diet easily lead to water retention and edema caused by sodium in the body. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure diet cannot be too salty, daily salt control within 2 – 5 grams.

Diet taboo in patients with hypertension

3, hypertension patients should not smoke, drink less

Alcohol and tobacco have been taboo is health products. A small amount of alcohol is beneficial to health, so patients with hypertension can drink a small amount of low alcohol such as beer, wine, rice wine and other blood circulation, but patients with high blood pressure cannot drink strong wine, but also cannot drink.

In addition, patients with high blood pressure should not smoke, because nicotine can stimulate the heart and blood vessels, so that blood pressure, accelerate the formation of atherosclerosis, is not conducive to the health of hypertensive patients.

4 patients with hypertension, not suitable for drinking too much tea

A small amount of tea diuretic, the role of favorable treatment of hypertension. But drinking too much or drinking tea will cause excited uneasiness, insomnia, palpitations, so patients with hypertension is not suitable for drinking tea.

5, do not touch high cholesterol foods

What food is not allowed for high blood pressure patients? High cholesterol diet is taboo in hypertension patients, so we should control eating too much food with high cholesterol, such as egg yolk, animal offal, fish, shrimp, crab, squid etc.. And hypertension patients to eat less animal fat, eat animal offal, etc..

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