Definitive grading criteria for male genital organs

Definitive grading criteria for male genital organs Sexual satisfaction can lead to emotional and psychological virtuous cycles that make men more confident and women more considerate. Therefore, the partners can maintain a better relationship.

Recently, the “men’s erection hardness survey report" published funded by men’s health magazine, which is the first survey on the "male erectile hardness" in China, and participation nearly 40 thousand people, including 27020 male respondents, and 12666 female respondents. Nearly half of female respondents said that the erectile performance is the key factor affecting their sexual satisfaction, and more than 70% of men believed that a good erection hardness could lead to self-confidence.

Hardness, male and female common concerned issue

According to the survey data showed that 45.8% of women rated the male erection hardness and lasting duration as the most important factors affecting sexual satisfaction. Less than 30% (26.5%) of men were confident of their erection hardness, and more than 1/5 of men (21.2%) admitted that even if the hardness was no problem, they were still worried later situation.

Associate Professor, director of Department of infertility and sexual medicine, Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, Zhang Bin, after the survey in Britain, the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and other countries, found that men generally believe of erection hardness is very important. The Spanish most identity this statement, and the proportion was 98%, 84% in France. Women also agree that men have better erections hardness, and they have better sexual satisfaction.

Expert Zhang Bin pointed out that there is a definite grading standard for the male erection hardness in many countries:

  1. worst (like cotton), penis enlarged, but not hard;
  2. slightly better (like wet cloth), penile erection, but failed to reach to the degree of insertion;
  3. barely qualified (such as sandbags), the penis hardness is enough to insert but not completely fulfilled;
  4. best (like rubber stick), the penis is fully erect and hard enough.

Although the third and fourth levels of erection can go for sexual life, but there are essential differences between these two situation. When men achieve the best erection hardness (Level 4), it can really increase the pleasure and sexual satisfaction of both men and women. A good erection hardness gives a man the greatest feeling of self-confidence, satisfaction, and conquest; and the hardness brings the greatest satisfaction to women with contentment, pleasure, and happiness.

When the hardness is not ideal

According to the survey data shown that nearly half of men (47.9%) admit that they have finished only at the middle point. More than 7 in 10 men, is not confident of their erection hardness. On average, 20% men has distressed on their bad erection hardness issue. They are more willing to try to take drugs to enhance their erection performance.

Expert pointed out that sexual activity itself requires enough hard erections and long enough access times. Successful sex brings satisfaction and self-confidence to men and their partners, as well as increases sexual desire, resulting in more frequent sexual relationships and intimacy between husband and wife. When you are long time suffering with bad erection problem, you can try some male enhancement products, you can see the top rated ones at the right sidebar place.

Not only hard, but also need more harmonious

Definitive grading criteria for male genital organs In this survey, most respondents said that the 3 most important factors affecting the relationship between sexual satisfactions is as follows: both sides input degree (41.8%); the male erection hardness (38.6%), the degree of harmony (36.9%).

The American clinical psychologist Karen, Donasi after years of study found that regular sex can increase estrogen secretion and hormone quality, which can protect women’s physical and mental health. Women who are able to achieve sexual satisfaction maintain an optimal level of T- lymphocytes in the body and improve immunity. If you have three times a week of high quality sexual life (the average frequency of healthy couples), you can burn up to 7500 calories a year, or 120 kilometers a year.

The long-term sex demand not satisfied can easy produce fatigue in both men and women, and female appear frigidity, male erectile dysfunction. In addition, not harmonious sex also easily lead to various physiological problems, such as chronic pain, neck colds, gastrointestinal diseases, insomnia, female breast disease and inflammation of the reproductive system. Women with breast cancer and inflammation of the reproductive system mostly have a very discordant relationship.

In addition, men may lead to bad sexual performance when suffering depression, anxiety, interpersonal tension, smoking, alcohol abuse, overwork and stress. Therefore, men should maintain good living habits, exercise, and timely release of psychological pressure, and only in this way can truly become a "tough guy" in bed. And your women can also get better sexual satisfaction.

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