Complications and causes of penile injection

Complications and causes of penile injection Penis injection refers to the penis corpus cavernosum injection of papaverine and phentolamine drugs, which will lead penile erection in a short period of time, and it is a contemporary fashion method of treating intractable impotence. Since this method is simple and convenient, it is now widely used. Some patients also learn to inject themselves, but any kind of treatment should be used accurately, so as not to produce complications.

According to our experience in the treatment of 2000 patients, found the following some complications caused by this injection treatment that persistent penile erection accounted for 2%, accounted for 1% of the penis foreskin edema, hemorrhage and edema accounted for 1%, accounting for 2% of the injection site pain. The last two cases will disappear after a few days without any treatment. Only the persistent penile erection should be right treated as soon as possible, otherwise it can produce undesirable consequence. Under normal condition, after 1~5 hours of injection, the penis naturally becomes soft. If the penis lasts for more than 6 hours after the injection, it is called a persistent erection, which requires emergency treatment.

The main cause of persistent erection after injection are the following: under the age of 45, the sex activity is too strong after the injection; repeated sexual intercourse; after the injection of sexual intercourse without ejaculation; exaggerated their impotence problem to use this injection method unnecessarily. After summarized the situation of 24 persistent erection patients, most of the above case. Therefore, you should pay enough attention on this.

Some patients with very stubborn impotence, must be regularly injection. Some patients after injections of 2-3 years, especially long-term injection puncture and drug stimulation, it can cause the penis induration at the injection site, and this complication rate was 2%. Therefore, in the injection, as far as possible the use of fine needle, pressing injection point after pull out the needle, so that a moment to stop bleeding, which can minimize the occurrence of induration.

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