Coke with milk will cause stone in stomach?

A lot of people drinking Coca Cola like adding some milk, in order to obtain a unique taste. And recently on the Internet there was a message said, if drink coke and milk together will cause stomach stones, but also attach the a group of amazing pictures, after the display of the coke and milk mixture produced a lot of floc, then this is really it?

Coke with milk will cause stone in stomach?

In order to prove the authenticity of the network rumors, the reporter will pour milk into the coke experiment to verify.

Sure enough, a few minutes after the floc floating in the coke, and the white floc increased slowly. Then the reporter put this bottle of coke milk mixture, after six hours, mixture of coke milk really as said is divided into two layers. The upper layer is a clear pale yellow liquid, while the lower level is shallow brown or shape of sand sediment. This is very similar to the photos on the Internet, then what is it?

The people’s Hospital Department of clinical nutrition, director of said that Coca Cola is a carbonated beverage, milk mainly contain protein, protein under the action of phosphoric acid will produce a chemical reaction is denatured protein forms phosphorus block. Total protein denaturation does not affect its safety and nutritional value, but it is not only affected the value absorb. So it is not recommended to drink the milk and coke together.

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