Chicken soup and chicken which is more nutritious?

Nutritional components of chicken

In fact, chicken is mainly provided the human body with protein, followed by fat, vitamins, and minerals. There is little fact in chicken, compared to other meat, chicken fat is relatively small. Although the chicken contains vitamins and minerals, but compared to vegetables and fruits and animal organs, the content is very small, we do not expect the chicken can provide these nutrients to human. Chicken protein is different, we eat the nutrients in chicken, mainly among the protein.

In the process of making chicken soup, fat is easy to dissolve into the soup.

The fat soluble vitamins, calcium in the bones in the condition of temperature and water, it is easy to dissolve in fat, and fat together into the soup. Water soluble ingredients naturally easy to enter the soup. And these ingredients into the soup is a lot of flavor substances. This is why soup fragrant delicious.

Chicken soup and chicken which is more nutritious?

Chicken soup is delicious, does not mean contains much nutrition

Because in the process of chicken soup, only a small fraction of protein dissolved into the soup, even for a long time to stew, soup into the protein in only about 10% of the total. That is to say, there are about 90% of the protein is still left in the chicken.

Some people may ask why some weak people drink chicken soup and then can feel better. From the Western perspective of nutrition, which is related with nutritional ingredients in chicken soup, and these nutrients are required by the body and into the soup, into the body, can be directly absorbed, in comparison, to reduce the burden of many gastrointestinal digestion. If you eat Steamed chicken or fried chicken, taking into account the amount of food and gastrointestinal digestion and absorption capacity, may not be able to achieve the effect of soup.

Therefore, we should not only drink chicken soup to eat chicken.

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