Characteristics of stages in the male sexual cycle

Characteristics of stages in the male sexual cycle Changes of male sexual response cycle is under the control by the neuroendocrine system, including the sexual excitation, the phallic hyperaemia erects, sexual intercourse, sexual climax to ejaculate, erectile regression. There as early as 30 years ago people have already summed up the sexual response cycle from human sexuality are evoked by orgasm and then return to the original calm state, which is the whole body changes periodically with the sexual organs. The length of sexual response cycle time in general, It differs from man to man. Normally it is about 3 ~ 15 minutes for a man from sexual intercourse to ejaculation, about 60% of male sexual intercourse finished within 5 minutes, about 40% of men can last up to 10 to 30 minutes, there are a few can last more than 1 hours.

Sexual arousal stage

Sexual arousal is caused by physical and mental stimulation. When an effective stimulus causes a person’s sexual desire, a series of conditioned reflexes and unconditioned reflexes are stimulated and rapidly entered the excitability phase. When the men in this stage, the cavernous hyperemia of corpus cavernosum, the tunica albuginea is tightened, phallic hyperaemia erects, and the scrotal skin thickening hyperemia, then scrotum hardens and fixed. When entering the platform stage, or conscious extended exciting period, lasting spurts of scrotum. The testes produce involuntary contractions, and the testis can move automatically toward the perineum specifically and automatically. In sexual excitement, attention should be concentrated to avoid all kinds of adverse stimulation, any adverse stimulus may make sexual excitement weakened or disappeared immediately, so that the penis erection subsided soft.

Plateau stage

Characteristics of stages in the male sexual cycle When the sexual arousal reaches a high level, but below the threshold of orgasm, the stage of sexual arousal is reached. At this time, the penis erection is best, the glans due to venous congestion into purple color state, urethral orifice may have some overflow, and the urethral ball congestion and secretion began. If the platform is deliberately prolonged, the overflow will be more, and sometimes active spermatozoa can be seen. The urethra is widened further to prepare for ejaculation during the orgasm. Dilatation of the bulb of the urethra is an important sign of an orgasm.

When entering into plateau stage, the penis pumping action in the vagina will turn to the rapid, machinery, heavy lifting and thrusting impact, make rapid accumulation of energy, the rapid growth of tension, make full preparations for entering orgasm. At this time the penis hardness, fixation is more obvious, cavernous hyperemia is more significant, and its volume can be doubled. T The lifting of the testis is more pronounced, and a certain rotation can occur to make the posterior wall of the testis adhere to the perineum, which is essential for the most effective ejaculation. This is also an important sign of entering orgasm, and a sign of the strength of ejaculation.

Sexual climax stage

Sexual excitement continues to a certain level, after sufficient accumulation of sexual stimulation, then you will enter sexual climax namely. This is a short period of time, only a few seconds. The penis is erect, rhythmically contracted, and ejaculation begins. Once ejaculation occurs, the testes will soon rotate again. The scrotum will gradually relax and fall, and the penis will gradually become flaccid and enter the sexual resolution phase.

Sexual resolution stage

The sexual excitement gradually subsided, there are still some men after ejaculation can maintain close physical contact with the partner, but most of the men will have a weak feeling exhausted and relaxation period, which is called refractory period.

Men generally have sexual refractory periods after ejaculation, and the duration of sexual refractory periods varies with individuals. The refractory period is characterized by the absence of sexual excitement in any sexual stimulus, and the stimulation of the penis which can cause pain or discomfort, which is an instinctive response. Sexual refractory periods in men also increase with age.

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