Please pay high attention on the below 5 condoms

hot-girl-wallpaper-hdMany people will choose the contraceptive condoms when they don’t want to have a baby, and now buy condoms is also very convenient, whether in the medical store or inside the supermarket, there are many different type condoms available to select. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, more and more types of condoms are designed, however some condoms may cause some health problem for men and women.

1, luminous type condom

Some condoms are luminous type, which use phosphorus coating produced light on condom, although it can increase the sex appeal, but the sensitization of phosphorus is high, so they still need to choose carefully.

2, condoms with thick latex particles

Some condoms with surface particles or spiral convex patterns, the enhanced friction can increase vaginal wall stimulation when using, which can make your partner satisfied. But in comparison, some are too thick latex particles will make the condom easy to crack, so the number of qualified products, its size will be limited, for the sake of safety, please do not choose too coarse condoms.

3, scented condoms

There are a lot of strawberry, chocolate and spice type condoms, when used often makes the female vagina inflammation, when we choose to use these products, you should highly pay close attention of female vagina will have abnormal vaginal discharge situation, or it is better to not use such products.

4, drug type condom

This type of condoms are always with Nonoxynol spermicide, anti-inflammatory drugs, sexual excitement retardant, assisting agent and other agents, although there are certain effects, but often use will affect the male or female reproductive system, it is best not to try too much.

5, the condom with different color

Although strictly speaking, there is no harm with the colorful condoms, which mainly depends on the quality of condoms. But people in the choice of condoms, often easy to attract by the color, but ignore the key problem of quality, so it is highly recommended to choose the no color condom with safety reliable.

Some reasons that women can’t feel orgasm ejaculation

There are a lot of women reflect their experience that they cannot feel the men orgasm ejaculation, if they can’t hear her husband’s shortness of breath or see his intense shaking in the sex. Why this is happen? In principle, women should be able to feel it. With the pop healthy living network experience, the following reasons would be for your reference.

One, man too gentle sex action

Husband sexual intercourse is too elegant, and the action is within too small range, even more, sometimes the penis does not even move, so that his wife’s feelings naturally be much weaker, and it is difficult to mobilize the passion.

Further analysis, the key is the lack of understanding of sexual health function. In fact, in the process of sex love, the human nature to play more fully, the higher the quality of sex will be. This also requires a deep relationship between partners and a wealth of scientific knowledge.

Two, the husband ejaculate volume is too little

For this reason, on the one hand the husband need to strengthen physical exercise, stimulate the body vitality. On the other hand, it is necessary to increase nutrition, eating more nourishing blood and kidney food. When necessary, it is better to get some advice from a doctor.

Some reasons that women can't feel orgasm ejaculation

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Does the vaginal discharge quantity reflected the women strong sexual desire?

Women vaginal discharge is a kind of sticky fluid that produces inside the vagina, which is caused by women outstanding expression of sexual excitement. Basically, it is a combination of protein, sugar, fat and so on. In the sex life, the women vaginal discharge mainly for lubrication function, help man penis insert, and also effectively avoids both male and female sex organs discomfort due to dry friction.

Sexual intercourse experienced men all know that only the vagina becomes lubrication by the women vaginal discharge, then the sexual intercourse can began smoothly, otherwise it will due to lack of vaginal lubrication causes pain, make sexual intercourse difficult. Of course, when the secretion of vaginal discharge reduced during the sexual intercourse, it can also produce dry discomfort, or difficult to insert again.

vaginal discharge, vaginal fluid, sexual desire, sexual intercourse, vaginal lubrication

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How to reduce the pain during the first sex?

The first night of sex for women is a very sacred experience, and it is also a sign from a girl to a woman. If your girlfriend want to give her first night to you, you must learn some skills before, so it can reduce some pain for this special first sex. So, what are the tips and precautions for the first night sex?

Because Right attitude

the girl has no or very little sexual experience, so when both for your come with the first time, you have to take the initiative to help her, enlighten her, so that you can get better experience. Because of shyness or lack of experience, the young girls may be nervous when they begin to have sex. Under this situation, you do not hurry, slowly, gently for her undress, eliminate her nerves. Also because of the sake of shyness, girls are cannot as the mature woman to open their mind. Therefore, you should do enough foreplay to tease the sensitive part, so as to make the girl better into complacency, making the coming sex more smoothly.

How to reduce the pain during the first sex?

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A woman must know the six bed sins

Men and women are in fact equal, in bed is also the same, as a woman should know how to understand men, especially during the sexual intercourse. But there are many women do not know that, so these are often violated in the bed six sins. Please pay high attention on this contents and do not personally ruined your happiness.

Sin one: only focus yourself

If you are in the mood to how to get orgasm, it’s easy to overlook the hot kiss, caress, whisper and other foreplay action, also easy to ignore his feelings, and all these will reduce the enjoyment of sex. Furthermore, you should know that this is not only your business, you just look forward the climax, and how he can resonate with you?

A woman must know the six bed sins

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