Smoking causes male penis to become smaller?

1 During sex, if you want to enjoy lasting pleasure sex, it must maintain a strong breathe, and the smoking is the major cause of lung cancer and bronchitis, which will make people breathing becomes weak. Also, smoking will promote cardiovascular system involvement, oxygen capacity decreased, resulting in angina and dyspnea in sex. Other evidence suggests that impotence is an early warning of heart disease. The dangers of cigarettes to humans are undeniable. It can cause cancer and emphysema, heart disease and other diseases, and smoking can lower the quality of sexual love.

As we all know, nicotine in tobacco has a first excitatory and later inhibitory effect on the central nervous system, and carbon monoxide has the greatest effect on the human body. They can all reduce the feelings of people experiencing wonderful sexual love. Combustion of tobacco residues called sticky tar, which can lead to vaginal dryness due to contain benzopyrene, affect sexual pleasure.

In addition, nicotine in the smoke causes contraction of the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle, resulting in impotence. The Boston University School of medicine has also found that smoking affects sex organs and causes the penis to become smaller. This is the researchers using two scale survey, after following two hundred men penis measure data and summed up this conclusion.

Dr. Sarin Pohl believes that the effect of smoking on male sexual organs, and its effects on the heart are the same in principle, smoking will damage the blood vessels of the penis, inhibit blood flow, thus influence control organ erection material called elastin. That is to say, smoking may weaken men’s erectile function.

Whether smoking makes the penis shorter is an alarmist talk, or whether we’re enjoying sex or for the sake of our health, maybe we should all put out our cigarettes.

How much knowledge do you know about male penis?

How much knowledge do you know about male penis? Many people believe that they know the male penis in deep, including man and woman. The man thought the penis is part of his body, and every day he will use it to urine or sexual intercourse. And the woman thought her partner will use the penis insert her body, and she can fell it. In fact, how much do you know about penis? Let’s learn through a short dialogue.

Patient: what is the normal length of the penis?

Doctor: how long is your penis under weak condition now?

Patient: 4 to 5 centimeters.

Doctor: what is the length after fully erection?

Patient: it’s about 10 centimeters.

Doctor: the length of your penis is normal. Don’t worry about it.

Patient: my wife always says I have short penis.

Doctor: medical statistics show that the normal male penis in a state of weakness in more than 5 cm is normal, more than 9.5 cm when the erection is normal.

Patient: can you make it grow a little bit?

Doctor: how old are you?

Patient: 25 years old.

Doctor: do you have any children now?

Patient: yes.

Doctor: the penis stops developing at puberty, which is around 18. Generally, it is unlikely to increase with drugs. It can be treated by negative pressure aspirator combined with male enhancement products. It can also be treated by operation. I don’t think it’s necessary for you to have this kind of operation because the operation may have an impact on future sexual life.

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What is the relation between penis injury and impotence?

What is the relation between penis injury and impotence? Penile injuries can present very prominent clinical symptoms. Although male penis is located in very private place, where can naturally provide necessary protection, it is also possible get some external hurt.

The following listed the different penis injuries modes:

  1. Crushing injury: the penis is squeezed by heavy objects for a long time, resulting in the penis edema and even necrosis. Often occurs when trenches, tunnels, houses collapse.
  2. Impact injury: because of the careless during work and other reasons, the penis get heavy impacted and caused congestion and swelling.
  3. Stab wound: the wound is usually small but deep. It is highly possible get deep infection, when the drainage is not properly applied.
  4. Cutting injury: the edge of wound is more tidy, but more bleeding.
  5. Gunshot wound: when shrapnel enters, it is often brought into the soil, cloth, cotton and other items, and the wound is often contaminated.
  6. The bite: the penis get person or animal bites, and the wound is often get infection.

The prominent features of the penis injuries include local pain, swelling, blood stasis, bleeding, laceration, transection, penetrating, dislocation, stripping, necrosis, and partial defects. The treatment of penis injury includes pain relief, debridement under local anesthesia, suture and reduction.

Clinically, not all trauma affects men’s sexual function. The occurrence of impotence is related to the degree of injury of penis and the damage of penis, blood vessel, nerve and cavernous body. Traumatic corpus cavernosum injury prone to penile curvature after erection. When the situation is worse, it will also cause sexual intercourse difficult.

It has been reported that some patients suffer from impotence after the injury of the corpus cavernosum, mainly due to penile curvature and erection pain. Different types of penile trauma are related to sexual dysfunction in men after injury recovery. In dealing with penile injuries, we must pay attention to the protection of blood vessels and nerves, so as to reduce the occurrence of impotence after injury.

The male genitals washing should be into your routine task

The male genitals washing should be into your routine task We all know that the sweat glands, skin glands and subcutaneous fat around the penis is more abundant, and the adult males also have dense pubic hair, and many men love to wear tight underwear, thus make the penis is always in the dark and damp and airtight situation, which is easy to produce dirt.

When the man is in worse physical condition, the bacteria or virus around the penis will take the opportunity to reverse the urethra uplink infection, cause urethritis, epididymitis, seminal vesicle phlogistic diseases. If the occurrence of urinary tract obstruction, bacteria can further upstream infection of the kidney, cause pyelonephritis and other diseases. If the penis in a long period of bacterial contamination, penile glans after the formation of infection infection, can also highly possible lead to penile cancer. According to statistics, men’s penis wet clinics, dermatitis, ringworm and other diseases are also popular in current male related disease.

In addition, some married men have feculent sexual habits, which will also impact his partner sexual health, such as the female vagina will get a bad stimulation. During the sexual life, it will bring the bacteria or virus to your partner, causing the woman suffering from vaginitis, chronic cervicitis, cervical erosion, or even causing cervical cancer.

Therefore, keeping the male genitals clean is vital to the health for himself and health of his partner as well. So Pop Healthy Living network highly recommend all the men to have a short time shower before the sexual intercourse. If there is no such shower condition, a piece of disinfecting wipes can also work.

Male penis hardness is always important than the length

Male penis hardness is always important than the length It is sure that all the men are very concerned about their penis size, including length and girth in male sexual physiology, so every man would like to have a longer penis. But in fact, the penis length is not the most impact factor of the sexual pleasure. In the daily life, sexual quality plays an important role in the relationship with your partner and even maintain your marriage. The penis erection hardness plays the top role in the daily sexual quality, and the penis size is always behind the hardness.

Basically, each male genitalia shape, size and length are not the same, but the size and the length of the penis has not direct relationship with men’s sexual desire, sexual function, and sexual attraction. If you really want to say the factors have a direct relationship with the sex, then it should be related to race, genetic, age, health, environment, emotion and pressure, and the influence of these innate and psychological aspects, determines the erection hardness.

Hardness is the most basic element of a man’s sex life. If the penis is not hard enough, there will be no chance to go next step. In sexual medicine, the importance of the male sex organs hardness after erection is more important than the length of the sex organs, and therefore it is often possible to hear the male problems such as impotence, but rarely hear the penis is too long or too short. The reason why the Viagra is so popular is that it solves the problem of hardness, but has nothing to do with the length.

To maintain the hardness of the penis, the main physiological factor is to keep the erection of the penis to maintain the state of congestion, that is, more blood flow into the sponge body but less blood flow out.

On the psychological side, worry, anxious, fear, distraction, etc. can all possible affect the rigidity of the penis during erection. Many men suffer from sexual disorders, mostly at the psychological level, but are mistaken to connect to other physiological factors. If it is a physiological problem, you should see a doctor; if it is a psychological factor, then you should have a psychiatrist.