Carcinogenic master on your eating table

We are near the existence of carcinogens, such as automobile exhaust, decoration formaldehyde, nail polish, in addition to these articles of daily use, there are a lot of food is also carcinogenic master. If you do not believe, please read through below list.

Carcinogenic food around: 1 cake, pie food

The cake, pie and chips in the use of wheat as raw material under the high temperature environment were detected in the same concentration of acrylamide. Choose the low-temperature environment in the production of cakes should be no problem.

Carcinogenic food around: 2 potato chips

The potato chips contain the substance called acrylamide that is worthy of our attention. The substance is said to exist in a number of raw materials containing large amounts of carbohydrates and heated to more than 120 degrees.

Carcinogenic master on your eating table

Due to the potato chips is fully meet the above conditions, so whether the investigation of the Japanese Ministry of agriculture or foreign research, have identified a large number of acrylamide contained in potato chips.

Around 3 Instant Coffee: 3 carcinogenic food

In the coffee beans, fried tea, roasted barley tea is also detected a high concentration of acrylamide. Because acrylamide soluble in water, so in the detection of extracted coffee, fried tea, wheat tea and other beverages also contain acrylamide. Please pay more attention to these food.

Carcinogenic food around: 4 French fries

French fries are also rich in acrylamide. The analysis showed that the maximum concentration of acrylamide in French fries is 1.5 times as great as that of potato chips. And there is no matter the homemade or restaurant in the French fries detected acrylamide, so please pay more attention.

In fact, eat fresh food will be much good, usually may eat some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Coffee, cake, potato chips, French fries these kinds of food in many people would be the delicacy, but it is toxic food in your table. If you often eat these “poison” food, it is only a matter of time before your get disease, and the most serious is the fatal cancer.

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