Can you eat milk tablet instead of real milk?

Milk tablet is a very common snack, so eat milk tablet can be equivalent to drink real milk? Children often eat milk tablet will affect the health?

The nutritional value of milk and milk tablet cannot be equal

Through observation of milk tablet ingredients table can found, the main raw material for production of milk tablet is the whole milk, but milk tablets nutrition value cannot be equal with the milk powder, and much worse than the fresh milk and yogurt. This is because the milk not only contains milk, during the production, it will add desalination whey powder, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, white sugar, edible essence, food additives, maltose, and other substances.

Can you eat milk tablet instead of real milk?

Although these food additives on health without negative effects, but these additives added will reduce milk ratio, after the decline of the content of protein and calcium, the nutritional value of milk is not with milk mentioned in the same breath. If compared with the milk and fresh milk and yoghurt, the nutritional value of milk powder is relatively lower. This is because in fresh milk into milk powder need dehydration treatment, in the treatment process will lose some nutrients. Therefore, from the perspective of the nutritional value, the fresh milk and yogurt > milk powder > milk tablet.

How much nutritional value can get from eating milk tablet?

Although the nutrition of eating milk tablet cannot be equal to the directly drinking real milk, but does not mean that the milk tablet is nothing. One plate of milk tablet is about 18 grams, if it is assumed that the 50% is whole milk powder and 50% is sugar, then protein containing about 4 grams, equivalent to most cup of milk protein content, and calcium content also reached 50% of a cup of milk. Therefore, if do not consider the vitamin loss, then the version of the quality of milk can replace the nutrient content of half a cup of milk.

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