Buy whole grain foods need to see the ingredient label

As people pay more and more attention to nutrition, marked “whole grain” and “coarse” food is becoming more and more popular. But Corey Gans, American nutrition experts warned that these advertised “health” food is not really healthy.

Whole grain foods sought by the market

Coarse grains is beneficial for the body, and this idea strikes root in the hearts of the people. In the supermarket, people are more favored shelves those marked with the word whole grain, pure grains and other food, such food containing known as the selection of grain, dietary fiber supplements.

Buy whole grain foods need to see the ingredient label

However, held in Atlanta, nutrition food fair, food science and technology research center, National Taiwan University, Professor Jiang article pointed out that the common market, oatmeal and whole grains instant drinks, the grain of choice mostly belong to the poor level, low cost of raw materials, such as broken or stored for a long time the grain. They are processed and ground nutrients is easily lost, by which to compensate for the lack of intake of grain, which is not practical. In addition, even if the pure grain was ground into powder, it should also maintain the original ratio of wheat bran and germ. When consumers should see the ingredients first if there is a “whole grain”, “whole grain” label.

Reporter found that many food supermarket shelves are advertised as “whole grains” when visiting the supermarket. In a large supermarket, a grandmother told reporters that she is the selection of snacks, which is marked as whole grain energy bar, ready to buy for her four year old grandson. Grandmother holding this pumpkin flavor energy bars, the packaging prominently marked “this product made by 12 natural grain manufacturing, and do not add preservatives and pigments”. In the back of the ingredients table superscript: brown rice, palm oil, maltodextrin, rice, corn, pumpkin powder, white sugar, soy sauce powder, buckwheat, oat, mung bean, lotus seeds, barley, peas, beans, bean flowers, black beans, black rice. According to the relevant provisions of the state, list of ingredients on the ingredients label is in accordance with the content, in that order, visible components of the product table in the top three, only the brown rice is really coarse grains.

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