Biscuit nutrition facts, 80% of people do not know

Sweet and crisp cookies have been very popular with girls, but there are so many cookies in the market, and you know what the nutritional value of different cookie? Here, nutrition facts about 10 types of common biscuit.

No1: soda biscuit

Cellulose is very low, vitamin B disappeared

Soda biscuit containing sugar, less oil, added yeast, fermentation products with unique flavor, which is often considered as the most nutritious biscuits, has also been taken as breakfast for a lot of people. But the fact is not so, as to make cookie achieves layer effect will add baking soda, and baking soda will reduce the vitamin B in the flour, even to disappear.

Biscuit nutrition facts, 80% of people do not know

No2: cookies

High sugar, high fat, low protein

Cookies contains higher sugar and fat than other kinds of biscuit. A small piece of the cookie heat is often more than a cup of strawberry juice. It sounds impossible, but it is real truth. A crisp cookies choice of raw materials is the protein less wheat powder.

No3: wafer

The structure of high calorie, low density, eat much imperceptible

Unlike other biscuit, wafer is a small Rice noodles (rice flour), starch as the main raw material, slightly higher than white flour nutrition. But the butter fat content is very high of wafer, the average 60 calories in each block. In fact, three pieces of chocolate wafer heat had more than 200 calories.

No4: sandwich biscuit

“Heart” is the additive synthesis, and there is no raw fruit materials

Sandwich biscuit is a variety of sandwich material between two pieces of biscuit, add sugar or jam oil as the main raw material of sandwich baking food. Sandwich cookies “heart” for the pursuit of taste and color, it will use additives, and generally is the flavor and color, very few really add with raw fruits. For example the oranges taste biscuit, only add some orange additives, although not necessarily bad, but it will not bring nutrition. Therefore, no matter how delicious cookies are, they are only snacks.

Biscuit nutrition facts, 80% of people do not know

No5: whole wheat crackers

When improve the nutrition, also increase the amount of fat

Cellulose high content of whole wheat crackers, because cellulose taste is bad, in order to make up the taste, producers tend to join a lot of oil in the biscuit, resulting in a higher fat content.

No6: tough biscuit

Relative to other biscuits, this biscuits contains less fat tenacity. The high tenacity biscuits with egg and sugar, nutrition has improved, the taste will be better.

No7: crisp biscuit

Nutritious, but more oil

Tough biscuit nutrition crisp biscuit relatively ordinary improved, generally adding proper amount of supplementary material, such as dairy products, eggs, honey and other nutrients, but more oil.

No8: compressed biscuits

The texture is dense, highly hungry resistance

Compressed biscuits especially suitable for travel, sailing, climbing the storage of food. Although the same is flour cookies, but because of relatively close texture, the use of expanding agent to reduce the moisture content, and not easy to absorb water, the effective constituents in biscuits more content in the same volume, so as to make it more resistant to hungry.

No9: roughage biscuit

Biscuit nutrition facts, 80% of people do not know

More crisp, the more oil

There are a lot of roughage biscuit, fiber biscuits on the market today, such as mixed grains bread, whole wheat bread, corn treasures digestive biscuits and so on, these biscuits prices is higher than the common biscuit on the market. However, grain and beans contain mainly insoluble fiber, which is rougher, many people don’t like the rough sense. For them, the crude fiber food content of 3% is hard to swallow, and some high fiber biscuit fiber content can be as high as 6% or even more than 10%.

Experts stressed that the high fiber food if you can taste good and also not rough, the only reason will be adding more oil inside, the fiber will become soft in later oil. So the higher fibre products, usually the higher fat content will be together. Moreover, because saturated fat softening effect on the fiber is more outstanding, so manufacturers usually use containing large amounts of saturated fat, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil or butter, lard, butter and other animal oil processing of these products, to make them taste crisp. So, the more crisp cookies means that more oil is particularly high in saturated fat.

No10: the fortified biscuits

The relative nutritional supplement, but not too much take.

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