Big size penis may also make you trouble?

According to the past studies, the conclusions have shown that women’s preferences may stimulate and determine the evolution of the human penis during evolution, so the human penis is the longest and thickest of all primates. Nowadays, all the men are very care about their penis size, including girth and length. I believe all the men are dreaming to have bigger, harder and longer lasting erection, which is believed as the main feature of their manhood.

Big size penis may also make you trouble?In the animal world, the male genital evolution is quite quickly, the changing is much early than any other body parts, regardless of size or shape. This indicates a high species evolutionary pressure. However, scientists are puzzled by what factors cause the human penis to become so large. A new study published in the journal nature suggests that the attractiveness of the penis size to women is waning. The researchers told that the penis size is not a big thing for women, even though it has a normal range of sizes. Women in the judgment of men’s sexual attractiveness will consider the height of the penis size with the same gravity factor, but these two indicators are gradually declining, and the masculine form has taken the first place.

The researchers of biologists using computer generated pictures of men, which can change their three indicators, including height, shoulder and hip ratio and the penis size, and then let the 105 Australian heterosexual women to watch the generated 53 pictures on the screen, which is the equivalent life size male image, and grade on the sexual attraction. With the summary result of this study, each feature has an inverted U shaped curve. Women think taller and more masculine characteristics (mean shoulder and hip ratio larger), longer penis men are most attractive, but the penis length has limitation. The result show that there is no more attention on the super larger size penis. The team showed that the investigation model indicate that the most sexually attractive penis length is 12.8 – 14.2 cm, but not prone to extreme penis size.

Of course, such study sample is too small and also limited to the women in a same country, which cannot be sufficient to explain the problems. So there’s a lot of work to do, especially for the people who don’t need to wear a lot of clothes. Moreover, such research will be too complicated due to many factors need involved, such as the importance between the height and the penis size o? The penis size and the body shape? Organ size and fertility preferences?

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