Beware of vegetable nutrition details flow away

Long time after cooking, nutrient decline much

Some people in order to facilitate, once burned a big bowl, not only to eat for next meal time, but also the next day to eat, this will make a lot of vitamin C and vitamin B destruction. After determination, fried vegetables for 15 minutes, vitamin C reduced by 30, 20% minutes loss of 30%, 1 hours to reduce the 50%. The next day’s food is also easy to degenerate, eating food poisoning occurs easily. So it is best to eat now, both health and nutrition.

Too much oil

Many people are afraid to eat meat, afraid to eat lard, afraid of fat intake too much, but the cooking with many vegetable oil, or feel bad taste. In fact, animal oil and vegetable oil, every gram of oil produced 37. 656 kJ heat, so whether it is vegetable oil or lard, if eating too much can cause obesity or because of calories intake caused by high blood lipids, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, per person per day to eat oil 25g, not more than 30g.

The cucumber cannot be stored less than 10 degC

Beware of vegetable nutrition details flow away

Low temperature can delay the deterioration of the appearance of vegetables, but it is not the lower the better. Vegetable basically not cryopreservation, the most suitable temperature preservation is 3 to 10 degC, and cucumber cannot be below 10 degrees, if placed in about 4 DEG C in the refrigerator cold, the cucumber color will become deep, melon body become soft, can see transparent colloidal liquid, so that the cucumber fragrance of course nothing.

To recognize the varieties of raw eating vegetables

Raw vegetables is itself is non-toxic and without pollution, and now most of the vegetables in the market are sprayed with pesticides. Although we have been accustomed to first soak vegetables before cleaning, but this only remove about 40% of the pesticides and cooking further decomposition of pesticides, these raw vegetables will damage to human health, especially in the outer layer of old leaves, these parts is not to eat. Some vegetables containing poison, must pass through the heating cooked to destroy the toxins, such as beans, lentils case.

Cooking time is too long – Vitamin C will be thermal oxidation

Vitamin C in vegetables will easy oxidative decomposition in case of heat, in the rapid fire or short heat short time to heat up the loss of less, if burned for 10 minutes, the vitamin can be reduced by 60% or more.

Don’t eat soup is equal to discard vitamin C

When cooking, there are about 30% ~ 70% of vitamin C will dissolve in the soup, so not only to eat the vegetable, but also eat together even soup.

Spinach does not remove the oxalic acid will impact of calcium intake

As we all know, spinach contains oxalic acid, and tofu is rich in calcium. If the spinach and tofu burning together, it will produce calcium oxalate which cannot absorb by the body, the effect of the body of calcium absorption. Spinach is leader in vegetables, not only contain many nutrients, and bright color, so many people had to clear fried spinach and other food together. In fact, oxalic acid in spinach is an objective existence, no matter how you cook, if you do not have to get rid of oxalic acid in advance, so will eat the oxalic acid in the body to eat into the body.

Oxalic acid in the digestive tract may also be combined with calcium in other foods so that the calcium cannot be absorbed. Oxalic acid may also enter the blood system after digestion and absorption, and then combined with the calcium in the blood, waste has been absorbed by the body of calcium. So don’t avoid burning spinach tofu, eat the right is first the spinach (including containing oxalic acid and more bamboo, bamboo shoot and so on) put in boiling water hot 1 ~ 2 minutes. Let the oxalic acid dissolved in water, and then remove the oxalic acid in spinach picked up, as you burn anything, including tofu, does not affect the calcium absorbed.

Long term vegetarian diet

Now some people is the high incidence of high fat, high protein, high calorie diet resulted in hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, cardiovascular disease scared afraid, so eat only vegetarian food. If it is because the treatment requires a short vegetarian it is OK, but the long-term vegetarian, especially teenagers vegetarian is unhealthy. Factors of the plant protein nutrition in the mostly belongs to the “incomplete” protein, human body lacks many of the essential amino acids, chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs and dairy products have more physical protein, fat soluble vitamin A, D.

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