Beware of common chemicals that harm penis health

Beware of common chemicals that harm penis health American scientists have discovered that some chemicals actually make some men’s penises and women’s clitoris smaller. What’s more, these chemicals are found in our daily life. So it is really important to pay your attention on the following items which will affect your sexual health.

American scientist Christian SONY was surprised to find that genital skeletal shape changed, male penis and women clitoris are smaller, which is cased by chemical called OHCs pesticides which have a significant impact on human genitalia. Soon, he published this news in the latest issue of the American Journal of environmental science and technology in September. In early 2005, scientists found that 10 environmental factor made male sperm number reduced 40% in past 50 years. And now this new discovery from Christiern surprise us again.

Nowadays, in countries and regions with higher industrialization degree, not only the psychological pressure is the "killer" of adult man ability, but also the external environment will directly hinder the occurrence of sexual desire and sexual ability.

Chemicals cause testicular toxicity

Recommendation: stay away from the vegetables and fruits sprayed with pesticides

According to "Science Daily" reported that the experts found that long-term exposure to insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, or often eat fruit has a large number of residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables, will make in the male reproductive system with high levels of estrogen, the testis and other gonad will gradually produce toxic reaction.

Recently, a study from the Yale University found that the common broad-spectrum pesticide, chlorinated methanol, may affect the development of female genital organs, thereby affecting their sexual function and fertility. After exposure to flowers, fruits or vegetables sprayed with such insecticides, they may also have problems with sexual organ dysfunction.

Chemicals affect libido

Recommendations: do not mess with health care products and indiscriminate use of drugs

We are always dealing with drug in our whole life. With the health care products category increased so fat that some of the ingredients of medicine often appear in our beverage and food. However, there are five types of drugs that can significantly affect people’s sexual desires and abilities:

First, hormone drugs including estrogen, adrenal cortical hormone, testosterone, which may not only make the male libido highly reduced, they may even lead to the emergence of ED (erectile dysfunction), serious ejaculation disorders, and semen volume reduction.

Second, diuretics can cause potassium loss in the body, while a decrease in blood potassium levels can lead to a decrease in muscle and nerve sensitivity, and relaxation of the vascular smooth muscle may result in diminished penile erection.

Third, some antihypertensive drugs are the most common drugs that affect male sexual function. 25% of the patients taking antihypertensive drugs, may have ED problem, and others may have ejaculatory dysfunction at the same time.

Fourth, sedative drugs have specific effects on the limbic system of the brain, which can directly reduce or enhance sexual desire and sexual function. Drugs such as valium have muscle relaxant effects that can cause loss of libido and even lead ED problem.

Fifth, some psychiatric drugs can cause paralysis of male sphincter of seminal vesicle, ejaculation ability reduced, or can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels. According to a survey, the incidence of sexual dysfunction caused by methyl may be as high as 60%, while other drugs may cause about 25% of sexual disturbances.

Physical pollution lead the vagina become dry, and then lose sexual desire

Beware of common chemicals that harm penis health Recommendation: protect well in a radioactive environment

Physical factors such as radiation, ultrasound, microwaves and high temperatures also have a pronounced effect on people’s sexual abilities.

Taking radiation for example, if women’s lower abdominal, pelvic, and vaginal radiation, it usually affects their ovarian function. Long term work in a radiation contaminated environment can lead to early menopause, signs and symptoms of menopause, such as vaginal dryness. Sometimes it can narrow the vagina and reduce elasticity. So it is necessary to use a vaginal dilator and lubricant to reduce the discomfort in sexual life.

Similarly, men who receive radiation therapy or men who work in a radiation contaminated environment may temporarily lose sexual desire.

In addition, long-term working in a large computer room, or before microwave oven which is not closed well, radar, radio tower, and probably endocrine disorders may arise because of radiation and ultrasonic contamination. Not only the male semen quality decline, but also will decline their sexual desire.

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