Below ten symptoms indicate your lower sex ability

Below ten symptoms indicate your lower sex abilityA man’s whole life energy has up limitation, so over a certain age level, the sexual ability of the man will show a downward trend. What are the forewarning before the decline in men’s sexual ability? There are so many ways to improve sex performance, some men like long term solution with pill enhancer (VigRX Plus pill review), some men prefer instant gel (ProSolution Gel is the leading enhancer), and others also like oil based topical enhancer (VigRX Oil already earn a big name in this area). All these enhancement products are proved to provide a perfect sexual performance when you are suffering some penile erection dysfunction problem. On the other way, the diet adjustment is also a direct and effective way to go, as the diet will adjust body function in the interior to make their body conditioning and improved, which is conducive to the improvement of the sex ability of man.

So let’s see that what are the forewarning before the decline in men’s sexual ability? If you have already found some of below items are happening on you, then you need to pay attention due to you are already on the downward way. Measures are necessary for your better sex life if you want to feed your women with better and longer sexual experience.

1, body weakness

If after a full rest in the evening, but did not restore energy, still feel body weakness, not interested in sexual life, it is likely to be the low performance of the kidney. Because of the bad renal function, a lot of waste can drain out through the urine, which can lead dizziness, fatigue and other dull feeling. Protein and other nutrients leaked from the kidneys when it is in sick, excreted through the urine, there will be weakness performance.

2, no appetite

Below ten symptoms indicate your lower sex abilityYour food intake mount can directly indicate your body healthy status. Some people feel they do not want to eat, anorexia, nausea and even vomiting, which are also a common symptom of kidney disease. Some patients are always the first to go to the Department of Gastroenterology or liver disease, to see if there is a stomach or liver disease, and it is also recommend to visit the kidney doctor for some check.

3, urine with much bubble

A lot of bubble is found in the urine? There are many reasons to cause the bubbles appearing in the urine. If the protein from the kidney into the urine, it will be a lot of bubbles.

4, often lumbago

This is the most obvious reaction of the kidney problems, and the pain is telling us that we are sick. The kidneys are located on both sides of the lumbar spine, so when the kidneys are sick, they feel low back pain.

5, less urine but frequent urination

Often go to the toilet, and completely unable to stop, or on the contrary, a day without urination. Healthy people urinate about 4 – 6 times every day, and the amount of urine about 800 – 2000 ml. It is necessary to pay attention when the number of urination too much and urine volume too little happen.

6, body edema

There are many reasons to cause human body edema. For example, drinking too much, too fat, or sleep too long time. The eyelid, face, legs and other parts can all have mild edema possibility. If the body edema exist for long time, you should suspect that there is some kidney problem.

7, bloody urine

Below ten symptoms indicate your lower sex abilityRed blood in the urine, sometime is a very serious problem. A protein or occult blood in the urine, is an important indication of the kidney disease, and check the urine can get confirm result.

8, pale face

Normally, the healthy people face will be in some slight red color. When you are in pale face for long time, this should attract your high attention. Anemia patients often go to the Department of Hematology to see anemia, in fact, in addition to the excretion of waste and other functions of the kidney, as well as endocrine function, secretion of hematopoietic hormones, when renal damage, but can also cause anemia.

9, associated diabetes

If you are diabetic, it is necessary to have a regular kidneys check. Because diabetes can cause kidney disease, named diabetic nephropathy, which is the diabetes complications. Diabetic nephropathy is divided into five stages, early treatment effect is better, once late, it is difficult to recovery, and it will develop into uremia. Therefore, patients with diabetes, must always visit the kidney doctor.

10, hypertension damage

Getting high blood pressure will damage your kidney as well. High blood pressure can cause high blood pressure kidney disease, known as hypertension kidney damage, so people with hypertension should pay more attention to your kidney healthy state. Of course, kidney disease can also lead to high blood pressure. So when you are suffering with high blood pressure problem, be careful if you have kidney disease. To know that sexual ability is closely related to the health of the kidney.

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