Be careful! Don’t be confused by the trans-fats

Instant noodles, cream cake, French fries, these common food is a healthy killer. It contains trans-fat which has huge harm to the human body, and furthermore, they are more and more hidden in the side. So when you do some shopping in the super market, you must pay attention to see the label instructions of the food which you buy.

Trans-fat is an unsaturated fatty acid, which is mainly derived from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Part of the process of hydrogenation will change the molecular structure of the fat, and part of the fat is changed to trans-fats. Trans-fat make the oil more resistant to high temperatures, is not easy to deteriorate, and increase the shelf life, so after the launch by the hot pursuit of food manufacturers.

Be careful! Don't be confused by the trans-fats

Frequent consumption of trans-fat in food will cause great harm to the human body, including increased platelet aggregation, increased alpha lipoprotein, weight, resulting in abnormal sperm morphology, etc.. These damage will eventually lead to obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, dementia, the incidence of some malignant tumors increased.

Generally contain trans fats food includes the cream cakes, cream sandwich cookies, coffee partner, instant noodles, pastry, chocolate pie, artificial butter, etc.. According to WHO, a person one day trans-fat intake should not be more than 2 grams per day. The smallest French fries, a chocolate pie, a cup of pearl milk tea and other foods in the trans-fat is close to 2 grams.

Although the trans-fat is a great health hazard, but it is not easy to identification, because it is always dressed in a variety of “coat” spread in the market, different synonymous with “confused” to the consumer, such as artificial fat, margarine, margarine, artificial plant butter, food hydrogenated oil, ghee, plant fat powder, cocoa butter, cream and other. Therefore, people in the supermarket to buy food when you want to pay attention to see the label description.

Be careful! Don't be confused by the trans-fats

Groups and reasons for the special fasting trans-fat

1. Children and adolescents: trans-fats can impair brain development, and even lead to behavioral disorders.

2. Pregnant and lactating women: trans-fats will harm the fetus and infant brain development.

3. Young people of childbearing age: trans fats may cause sperm dysfunction, increased the risk of abortion women.

4. Patients with diseases of the nervous system: trans-fat damage of nerve tissue and its function.

5. Patients with heart disease: trans fats may cause or aggravate cardiovascular disease.

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