Are there nutritional value differences between the red delicious apple and normal apple?

Often in the fruit market, you can find a red beautiful fruit which is looks like the normal apple. In fact, this fruit is called the red delicious apple. The nutritional value of the red delicious apple is very high, which contain fructose, sucrose, glucose, carrot prime and a variety of minerals, which pectin and potassium is the highest compared with all fruit, therefore known as the “memory fruit”. The red delicious apple shape is similar with normal apple, but the taste is sweeter.

The red delicious apple is divided into three different types, including golden, green and red delicious, the nutritional value of three kinds of delicious are the same. We should pay attention to in the election enough delicious, you should give up the bumps and soft couch ones.

Are there nutritional value differences between the red delicious apple and normal apple?

Delicious with enhance memory, reducing blood fat, lowering blood pressure, appetizers, phlegm cough, detoxifies, brain blood, hypnotic repose, help digestion and other effects. The benefits of the body are unparalleled. Because the delicious apple is living in the relatively large temperature difference between day and night, the sugar content is higher, and the flavor is good.

The delicious apple has a high medicinal value. In addition to the beauty outside, the red delicious apple also has a high nutritional value. English speaking countries have a saying “eat a delicious day, so you don’t have to see the doctor”. The study found that delicious apple has anti-cancer effect.

Are there nutritional value differences between the red delicious apple and normal apple?

The delicious can absorb a large amount of water, which can soften the residue after digestion, prevent constipation. Digestion and excretion system to maintain smooth, there is a great help for the skin’s beautiful luster, and maintain the normal operation of the normal physical health. In particular, the modern people’s life is busy, constipation and other diseases on the digestive system has already become a common problem.

Eat delicious can reduce blood fat, lowering blood pressure, due to the red delicious with rich potassium, with the body of excess sodium binding and excreted, thereby reducing blood pressure. At the same time, potassium ion can effectively protect the blood vessels, and reduce the incidence of hypertension and stroke.

Most delicious nutritional value are the same with the normal apple, just delicious antioxidant effect is stronger than the normal apple, the anti-tumor efficacy is better, and contains richer vitamin C. Pay attention to eat delicious, because of its high sugar content, people with diabetes should eat less.

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