Are the cooked fruits really more nutrition?

During the autumn, the temperature is dropping and the air turns dry, so eat more fruit can not only supplement moisture content, but also have health benefits. But for many people, it will always have some stomach problem after eating some fruits. So some creative people think out to eat some cooked fruits, as they think this can be good for the stomach, and also have some additional therapeutic efficacy. But somebody thinks, compared to raw eat, cooked fruit will cause the loss of vitamins and other nutrients, so there will be less healthy effect. Then, are the cooked fruits really more nutrition?

Are the cooked fruits really more nutrition?

1 cooked fruit would make the loss of nutrients?

Nutritionist pointed out that the fruit contains rich vitamins, minerals, organic acids, enzymes and other nutrients. Under normal situation, the fruit is used to be eaten raw, but some people whose stomach is not that strong would like to eat the cooked fruits to protect the intestinal gastric. Fruit fiber will be softened after cooked, so there will be no excessive stimulation in the stomach. It is easy to lose some water soluble vitamins and enzymes activity of some other nutrients, such as vitamin C and vitamin B, protease, amylase, etc.. The loss of vitamins cannot be used by the body, enzymes activity after heating will loss the decomposition function, so it weakened help food digestion. So it is recommend to eat fruits raw.

Are the cooked fruits really more nutrition?

2, what fruit is more nutrition after cooked in autumn?

Fruit after being heated, the water soluble vitamin and active enzymes basically is lost, but some heat resistant protein and lipid substances retained, dietary fiber and carbohydrate other relatively complete. Nutrient loss also depends on the cooking method, relatively speaking, steaming and stewed in water is the way that nutrient loss will be less.

During the dry autumn, many people like to eat cooked pears. But only stewed pears is no good enough, also need to add other ingredients to get better effect, such as adding some honey.

3 different fruit unique health effects after cooked?

Traditional Chinese doctors believe that the warm food is more suitable for people, even the raw fruit cannot be too cold. It is not recommended to eat the cold fruits out of the refrigerator even in the hot summer.

If you want to get better taste of cooked fruits, you can add appreciated honey, but you need also pay attention on the people who are suffering diabetes.

Are the cooked fruits really more nutrition?

4 who is suitable for eating boiled fruits?

The nutritionist pointed out that the following three categories of people are more suitable to eat cooked fruits:

Gastrointestinal function weaker person: cooked fruit can soften the dietary fiber to reduce irritation to the stomach;

Pregnant women: These kind women are not suitable for eating too cold food, so it is recommended to keep the fruits to be warm or eat cooked fruits.

Dental patients: because dental disease, these people are not convenient to eat, so the cooked fruits can be the good choice.

Are the cooked fruits really more nutrition?

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