Alert: male small penis syndrome

Alert: male small penis syndrome Worry about their penis is small, which cannot let the wife satisfied, this is the very common concern which is buried in the bottom of their heart. According to the U.S. "MD network" reported that many normal men trapped in the penis size, finally suffering from "small penis syndrome".

This disease refers to men that worry his penis is too short, and into a state of anxiety, which is a mental illness. This is totally different with the actual meaning of the short penis problem. The American urological surgeon Royal Hallamshire Hospital Evan Willy and James hospital urological surgeon Ian Ady said in an interview, "small penis syndrome" is not a fiction, coax you happy that it does exist in the majority of men.

Ian Ady said that the research about penis size of the countries in the world, the summarized result is amazing consistency. The average length of penile erection is about 5.5 to 6.2 inches (1 inches or about 2.54 cm), the average perimeter is 4.7 to 5.1 inches. Simple small penis refers to the length of erection penis is less than 2. 75 inches. But only a handful of men will appear this kind of circumstance."

The researchers found that 45% of men want their penis can be longer. Therefore, many people rely on shaping technology. But now, the technology is only in some deformity surgery proved to be effective. And the operation is likely to cause serious complications, such as loss of erectile function."

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