After dinner chewing tea will hinder the digestive

Tea is a favorite drink of Chinese ancient times, but also there is still a misunderstanding of tea drinking.

1, Fasting tea

The function of the spleen and stomach weak people, before fasting tea, it will dilute the saliva and gastric juice, make people eating tasteless, absorption of protein function decline, even may cause dizziness, palpitation, weakness in the limbs.

2, Excessive drinking tea

The tea leaves contain a trace element fluorine. Although fluoride is one of the essential trace elements in human body, the physiological requirement is 1~1.5 mg per day. The content of fluoride in tea is 10 times higher than that of other foods, or even several hundred times. Excessive drinking tea to make the amount of fluoride intake exceeded the safe range, will lead to accumulation of poisoning.

3, Tea after dinner

The tannic acid containing tea, can precipitate solidification and food protein synthesis of tannic acid protein, affect the body’s digestion and absorption of protein.

After dinner chewing tea will hinder the digestive

4, Bedtime tea

Tea contains theophylline and other ingredients, there is an exciting nerve, and increase the role of heart rate, bedtime tea can cause insomnia and other discomfort.

5, Drink overnight tea

The tea storage for a long time, vitamin slowly disappear, tea polyphenols, lipid oxidation and decomposition of aromatic substances, tea color sour, produce substances harmful to health. In addition, only tea protein, carbohydrates and other bacteria, fungi breeding food, easy to breed bacteria harmful to the body overnight tea.

6, Tea with sugar

Tea is designed by means of the bitter taste of tea to stimulate the digestive gland, promote the secretion of digestive juice, enhance the digestive function, clearing heat and detoxification, add sugar will inhibit this effect.

7, Chewing tea

The tea in the frying process will produce carcinogenic substances, a small amount of benzopyrene. Benzopyrene is difficult to dissolve in water, and its content in tea and tea are few, so not what danger. But a cup of tea, especially tea without bubble open, floating in the water, put the tea to chew swallow, this may be due to excessive intake of benzopyrene and harm to health.

Usually the right time to drink tea is the best choice between the two meals. Tea drinking in moderation, and according to individual constitution by selecting the appropriate tea.

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