After abortion operation can eat prophylactic pills?

Basically all the unwanted pregnant women will choose to do abortion operation, to achieve the purpose of termination of pregnancy. However, after operation, most people will generally increase the importance of safety precautions, and this time may be used to contraceptive drugs. That for women who have just after abortion, can take this kind of medicine? Today pop healthy living network will give you the answers.

After abortion operation can eat prophylactic pills?

Contraceptives pills have relatively large side effects, mainly in nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, headache, breast tenderness, weight increment, nervous, low mood, menstruation do not come, prone skin phenomenon such as acne and chloasma. In addition, the prophylactic pill may also cause cancer, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and liver adenoma. So after the abortion operation, it is highly recommend not to use contraceptives as well.

At the same time, women after the abortion operation is relatively weak, and the prophylactic pill can make the endometrial development not complete, and the gland secretion is not insufficient, so the endometrium cannot grow and become thin, resulting in decreased menstruation. Individual females due to the inhibitory effect of contraceptive excessive, in after discontinuation of the drug withdrawal does not occur bleeding leading to amenorrhea, even further lead to the serious consequences of infertility.

After abortion operation can eat prophylactic pills?

So after the recovery of people with abortion, it should take good contraceptive measures when have sexual life activity, so as to avoid further harm on the female body. But generally speaking, after the abortion operation, if the liver and kidney function is good, you can still take the contraceptive pill. Of course, it need to pay attention that due to the side effects of the pill is relatively large, suggest the female to choose the contraceptive ring for contraception after born a baby, contraceptive ring side effects are relatively small and can quickly to contraceptive effect, and can also considering for the use of condoms and other contraception.

After reading the article, we should get detail understanding on this issue that it is not good to take contraceptive pills after abortion operation. But if you really encounter some unexpected situation, you can consult a doctor and understand their own situation on the basis of taking the pill to help contraception.

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