After a meal to eat Mint sugar must cause this disease

This is a secret weapon relief tone after a meal, unexpectedly become root cause of heartburn. One people who working in an advertising company in Chongqing due to the habit of eating Mint after a meal into the hospital.

Because of the working relationship, Yang Jiali often need to invite the customer to eat. To ease the residual after a meal, she would carry a box of mint, chewing a few teeth after dinner. Recently, Yang Jiali often felt sick in the stomach after a meal, there is a feeling of heartburn. Yang Jiali thought it was a recent social party too much, so she eat some stomach medicine. But after "heartburn" symptoms is still not reduced. Subsequently, Yang Jiali to Hospital for stomach examination. After a doctor’s diagnosis, it was found that the cause of Yang Jiali’s stomach problem that is her carry on mint.

After a meal to eat Mint sugar must cause this disease

The Hospital digestive department doctor said, mint in the mint oil essence, irritation and volatility is very strong, not suitable for fasting and immediately after the meal. Easy to cause heartburn. Some foreign research that mint may make gastric juice to flow up into the esophagus, can cause hiccups and bloating, the stimulation in the fasting time is more obvious, after meals have occurred." In this regard, the doctor advised eating mints after "heartburn" feeling, you can drink a cup of boiling water, and then go for a walk. Walking can make people stay upright, with gravity so that stomach acid cannot return to the esophagus."

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