A woman must know the six bed sins

Men and women are in fact equal, in bed is also the same, as a woman should know how to understand men, especially during the sexual intercourse. But there are many women do not know that, so these are often violated in the bed six sins. Please pay high attention on this contents and do not personally ruined your happiness.

Sin one: only focus yourself

If you are in the mood to how to get orgasm, it’s easy to overlook the hot kiss, caress, whisper and other foreplay action, also easy to ignore his feelings, and all these will reduce the enjoyment of sex. Furthermore, you should know that this is not only your business, you just look forward the climax, and how he can resonate with you?

A woman must know the six bed sins

Sin two: “battle quietly”

Most of the time, the female will only focus on the physical contact, but often ignore the importance of language. In fact, even if you are born shy, you should also be in with him and give some praise and encouragement talk, especially when he tried to please you. Your praise voice will make him harder in the next sex.

On the contrary, if you keep silent in the whole process, it is easy to make him misunderstand you that you are not investment totally, not satisfied with his performance.

Sin three: the attack words

“Finished? It is over so fast that I am not satisfied, “or” you are acting too far.” Any of these will attack the man a lot.

Only know to blame each other’s bad performance, will only make him lose interest in sex, especially when he is trying to please you. You compare his dick size, bed performance and techniques with the former boyfriend, can greatly hit his pride, and even burning lust will immediately go out, and leave sequelae.

Sin four: playing with surprise

Maybe you’ve got some new ideas that hoping to surprise him, or going to pick a new place to fight him in bed. However, in advance, you should first find out whether the acceptance and health situation of the other side? In order to avoid your bold action will only bring him “surprise” and not “happy”.

Sins Five: teasing

When two personal development to the stage of bed sex, they will expose their real aspect in the eyes of the other party.

If he was more exaggerated or a strange expression in the climax, you are like a spectator, looking at him curiously, even to tease or ridicule his performance. This may ensure to reduce his enthusiasm, or even the relationship will be affected.

Sins Six: chatter

Although the silence is not desirable in bed sex, but if in the process your are chatting all the time to correct posture and movement, or without confidence with your performance, often ask each other about their performance in bed, even in the tense situation, talking about life trifling thing, not only make him unable to concentrate, but also let he doubted whether you want to make sex with him or not.

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