A variety of penis abnormalities which need your attention

A variety of penis abnormalities which need your attention Penile dysplasia

This penile dysplasia is extremely rare, and there are only 36 cases have been reported so far. The disease can be accompanied by abnormalities of other urogenital organs and abnormalities of the lower intestine. The penile dysplasia is caused by the obstacle of the embryonic development of the external genital organs. At present, there is no satisfactory medicine or surgical treatment to make the penis perfect normal function. Therefore, it should decisively determine gender as female, and surgical resection of children’s testicles, artificial vaginoplasty, and puberty began to use estrogen therapy to promote the formation of female psychology and habits, and the second sexual development.

Penis after scrotum

This issue is very similar to penile dysplasia at the beginning, and 15 patients have been reported in the literature. We had seen this deformity in a patient whose is suffering pediatric ring chromosome 13, and the urethra was opened in the rectum, accompanied by mental retardation and other deformities. Patients may also be associated with urethral abnormalities. The patient may also have urethral abnormalities. In some cases, the actual penis does not even exist. In fact, only a few erectile tissue is covered by an ectopic scrotal skin after the scrotum.

Some children may have normal anatomy penis, but their location is abnormal, which may reflect different degrees of embryonic development disorder. For some children with only location malposition, surgical procedures can be performed to place the penis back to the front of the scrotum.

Double penis

It is also a rare abnormality in which are estimated only 1 cases of double penis birth in 5.5 million births. In a 1973 literature review, Wilson cites 108 such patients. The total number of hospitalized children in Beijing Children’s Hospital during the past 1956~1970 years was 43913. There were 858 cases of congenital urogenital abnormalities, including only 1 cases of double penis deformity. A typical patient has only one has a normal function and with urethra.


This congenital abnormality is more common, with about 1 out of every 125~350 births. Fortunately, in most cases, the abnormalities are slight and only a small number may be accompanied by penile ventral curvature, penile torsion, or position deviation. The reason is that the secretion of androgen in fetal testis is delayed or insufficient. The target organ is not sensitive to androgen, and progesterone or estrogen is also involved in fetal development.

A variety of penis abnormalities which need your attention There is evidence that patients with severe hypospadias are relatively deficient in testosterone and are sustained into adulthood. If there is no related treatment for the moderate or severe hypospadias patients, their sexual function and sexual behavior can be affected. Because of psychological and physical reasons, the patient may have some practical problems in life. Such as some children need to squat urinate, and therefore cause the ridicule of classmates, make their self-esteem and the formation of men’s character is affected. In addition, due to penile dysplasia, painful erection, lack of testosterone, and penile curvature, some patients may suffer certain impairment of sexual function.

At present, as long as the conditions permit, the hypospadias and penile curvature should complete the repair with one operation. The purpose is to correct the ventral curvature of the penis to restore the normal position of the urethral orifice. Circumcision should not be performed in babies with hypospadias because the foreskin tissue can still be used in reconstructive surgery. For surgery, it is generally considered the 2~4 years old is the most suitable period. We should strive to correct the congenital defects before school age and reduce the psychological impact. However, because the penis of the baby is very small, there is some difficulty in the operation.

Surgical procedures can successfully correct penile curvature in 70% to 80% rate to restore normal erectile function and urination. It should be noted that penile head hypospadias is usually not required for surgical treatment. According to a long-term study, the sexual function development in puberty and sexual life after surgery are almost no different from those in normal people. As a result of technical development, the majority of the patients can have sexual recovery, except for the most severe patients.

Urethral rupture

This disease is relatively rare, about 1 case out of every 30 thousand births. The disease is characterized by the lack of upper urinary tract wall, the urethra open on the dorsal surface of the penis, can occur simply, can also be complicated by other deformities. Light patients only in the penis head split was groove, penis shorter, flat penis flat, foreskin in the dorsal separation, for the penis head type. If the groove urethra from the penis dorsal root to the top of the penis, the penis type.

Severe cases can be at the same time with pubic separation, bladder sphincter abnormalities, urinary incontinence, and often sexual intercourse difficulties or simply cannot sexual intercourse, and thus the loss of reproductive function. Surgical treatment is best carried out in the 3-year-old, if the need to correct urinary incontinence, urethral abnormalities and affect the penis bending of sexual intercourse, the operation is more complex.

In general, in addition to simple urethral rupture, the sexual function after surgery completely back to normal is unlikely.

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