A reasonable diet can help the treatment of impotence

maxresdefaultRecently a lot of male patients are very troublesome to impotence, and impotence is not a small problem for you. A reasonable diet can help the treatment of impotence, and proper diet can help the treatment and prevention of impotence.

In order to make the patients as soon as possible to restore health, is needed in the course of treatment of impotence, strengthen the conditioning of the diet. Must pay attention to provide reasonable nutrition. Sexual life is the physiological activities of the normal people, and during the sexual life, the human have spirit cheerful enjoyment, and also have material and engine loss. In addition to these consumption, it is reasonable to increase basic nutrition. Jujube, sesame, honey, yam, lotus seeds, grapes, walnuts and other plant foods with good nutrition function, which for the maintenance and has an important role to improve male sexual function.

Besides, in order to reduce the suffering of patients, the family members must be aware of the importance of diet to impotence. In the daily life, diet can choose shrimp, sea cucumber, loach, sparrows, cucumber, leek, wakame and animal and plant foods are conducive to the prevention of male sexual function premature senility. Foreign nutritionists use of modern technology to research on some certain food, yam, ginkgo, eel, sea cucumber, frozen tofu, sea fish, tofu skin, peanuts, walnuts, sesame and other food has strong fine effect, because they contain more lysine, whereas lysine is the main component of the formation of sperm. More help with kidney yang effect, which is the basic traditional Chinese medicine viewpoint.

For impotence patients, in addition to the hospital for the corresponding treatment but also pay more attention to daily maintenance after hospital visit. Because impotent disease is easy to relapse, if men do not pay attention to maintenance will increase the chance of recurrence of impotence. But if impotence relapse again, it will seriously affect the male psychology. In addition, in the daily diet must pay attention, do not eat spicy food, so as to avoid sexual organs congests repeatedly, have an impact on penile erection.

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