A piece of candy can fix these 7 kinds of ailments

Sugar is also one kind of medicine. The following 7 minor health problem can be fixed by a piece of candy which you should know for your daily life. Sometimes people will appear dizziness, blood sugar low symptoms, then if you can immediately have a piece of candy, it can effectively relieve discomfort symptoms. Now the prevalence of diabetes, people are afraid to eat a lot of sugar. In fact, sometimes sugar works better than medicine.

Experts said that people’s daily intake of sugar is about 30 to 40 grams, that is do not exceed 10% of the total daily intake of carbohydrates. This is equivalent to 100 grams of dark chocolate or 400 ml of orange juice. When the following symptoms, you can get a candy.

A piece of candy can fix these 7 kinds of ailments

1 dizziness nausea

At this time to drink high sugar water, can improve blood sugar to enhance disease resistance.

2 too tired and hungry

At this time the body loses too much heat, the human body is weak, take some sweets, in which the sugar can be absorbed faster than the general food, quickly replenish physical.

3 vomiting or diarrhea

We all know vomiting and diarrhea can lead to dehydration, and then patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction, obvious symptoms of dehydration, such as salt and sugar water to drink, is conducive to the recovery of gastrointestinal function.

A piece of candy can fix these 7 kinds of ailments

4 blood pressure is too low

There are a lot of people have had this experience. Close to noon, suddenly felt dizzy, cold hands and feet, with no strength to speak. The experienced people will remind you that it is best to eat something sweet, the case of dizziness usually will be fixed. This is because blood pressure is too low, especially when it is cold.

5 blood sugar is too low

Due to the excessive control of sugar intake, and lead to hypoglycemia shock symptoms, drink sugar or other sweet drinks can make patients through the crisis.

6 before sports

The body in the process of movement pay a lot of physical, and they should not be pre exercise meal. At this time, appropriate to eat some sweets can meet the human body movement required energy supply.

7 diabetic patients

People always think that people with diabetes have refuse any sweet food. In fact, the doctors always remind of those with diabetes, ferial should regular measurement of blood glucose and urine glucose, go out with a piece of chocolate or candy. If dizziness, weakness and other symptoms appear in the street, can eat candy.

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