A penis instruction manual that allows you to regain confidence

A penis instruction manual that allows you to regain confidence Are you still grieving or even crying for your penis bad performance? Are you still tired of the scornful looking in your partner’s eyes? Here’s a look at the penis instructions that help you recover your confidence. The size of a penis is not a sign of a perfect sex life. Some people worry that a shorter penis can interfere with sexual ability, and that a random use of sex hormones or not tested medicine treatment, which will not help increase penis size, but may also cause many serious side effects. If you want to increase your penis size girth or length, ProExtender System better result for length enhancement, and Bathmate Hydropump can help better on length incensement, both are the leading products out there in the market.

Sexual intercourse itself is a very simple activity, unfortunately, sometimes the result is not satisfied. If you want to eliminate anxiety and share the best feeling with your partner, you must learn to make the most of your own conditions. In fact, the varies of size and shape penis are different advantages and disadvantages, as long as you get the correct method, you can bring better pleasure for your partner.

Penile girth

Erection penile girth measurement method: after the penis fully erection, with the tape or other tools, to measure the actual perimeter at 1 cm after the penis coronary sulcus.

The girth is greater than 13 cm

We’ve all heard stories about sexual disharmony between men and women. One problem is that the penis is too thick and the female vagina is too narrow. This condition may cause female sexual intercourse pain. Therefore, before the sexual intercourse, you should spend more time for foreplay. In this way, your partner is able to evoke sexual arousal and expand the vagina. After that, let her guide you slowly into the vagina, at the same time, you can use some lubricant to reduce friction.

The girth is less than 13 cm

If you feel your partner’s vagina isn’t tight enough, the following method may help you. Let her close her two knees posture, which can stretch vagina as far as possible. It can also make her lie on bed, legs curled up in the chest, so that her labia can be joined together to increase friction and pleasure.

Penile length

A penis instruction manual that allows you to regain confidence Method for measuring penis length of erection: upright posture, hold genital head by hand and pull forward until cannot extend anymore, then measure the length between the pubis to penis glans with a ruler (the pulling length is very similar with erection state).

Length equal to or less than 11 cm

In the first phase of sexual arousal, female vaginal expansion is very large in order to accept objects of unknown size. After that, it will be tightened again and wrapped gently into the incoming object. You can make use of this feature to make up for the lack of length. Rub her pubic bones before entering her body. Next, slowly insert a finger into her vagina. Within one or two minutes, the vagina will adjust to your finger fitting size. Then to start sexual intercourse. Since the tightness of the vagina is similar to your fingers, you will feel tighter and she will feel your penis is bigger than it is. Furthermore, keeping the pubic area clean and carefully trimming the pubic hair at the base of the penis can make the penis look 2-3 centimeters longer than it actually is.

Length between 11 cm and 16 cm

The nerves of the vagina are mostly located in the outer part of the vagina, and the moderately penis length can stimulate this highly sensitive area. Having your partner lie on your bed and straighten your legs can improve the pleasure.

Length is greater than 16 cm

You may be proud of having this size, but in fact, most women think it is very painful to touch the back of the vagina during intercourse. Sometimes, this feeling is comparable to the pain of a man hitting his testicles. In other words that don’t take it too far. Suggest that you adopt the female superior posture, let her on your top, knees on the bed. That way, she can control the rhythm and the depth of the insertion without causing her discomfort.

The man and woman is born equal. As long as you understand and accept your physical features, each time you can feel perfect.

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