A man is easy suffering ED when lacking of vitamin D

A man is easy suffering ED when lacking of vitamin D The United States researchers of Medicine of John Hopki University School showed in the results of a study from the American Heart Association’s annual meeting that low levels of vitamin D highly possible is related with erectile dysfunction.

The researchers analyzed more than 3400 male American data, whose age is about 20 and no heart disease, of which 30% of people have a lack of vitamin D (i.e. vitamin D content per milliliter of blood was less than 20 ng), 16% people with erectile dysfunction. The results showed that patients with erectile dysfunction in 35% who lack of vitamin D, but only 29% people lack of vitamin D in patients with none erectile dysfunction.

The researchers concluded that the possibility of ED rate increased by 32% from vitamin D deficiency men to the adequate vitamin D man. Even taking into account other factors associated with erectile dysfunction (such as drinking, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, inflammation and certain medications), the correlation is still valid.

The principal investigator of the study. Dr. Aileen Meeks said: "the lack of vitamin D can easily be screened out, which is also easily by changing by corrected your lifestyle, including active movement, changes in diet, vitamin supplements and more than the sun. Measurement of vitamin D content may be a useful tool for evaluating the risk of erectile dysfunction."

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