A formula for estimating the size of the genitals situation

A formula for estimating the size of the genitals situation Some of the penis is not unusual in drooping, and will appear bends, not straight condition after fully erection, which looks like the running water tap from the side viewpoint. The bending in the direction can be upwards or downwards, which may cause pain during sexual intercourse. Why is that?

The penis is composed of corpus cavernosum, and this a pair of corpus cavernosum plays a major role in erection. If the sponge is congested and the size is different, the penis bends in the direction of congestion, which is usually horizontal. Most men’s penises bend and skew in one direction or another, which generally has no effect on sex.

According to the observation, the right side of the body to develop rapidly fir the right hand person, so the penis is mostly bent to the left. Some people worry about this situation, always worried that this is the result of masturbation. In fact, this has nothing to do with masturbation, there is no need to worry about too much.

The formula for estimating penis size situation.

The international society for the men’s sexual health (MTD) has come out the conclusion through nearly 30 years of research:

The normal length of penis M= (height -105) *0.618/3.14 (CM)

The normal penile diameter D=M/3.14 (CM)

(Europe = Asia /1.414/0.618) cm

However, some men suffer from congenital penile dysplasia or acquired disease resulting in erectile curvature and thus cause pain after erection or during sexual intercourse. The curvature of the penis may be directed toward the dorsal, ventral, or lateral directions. Factors such as congenital hypospadias, bilateral asymmetry, penis cavernous development surrounding abnormal fibrous tissue; congenital frenulum is too short; acquired factors such as circumcision, excessive circumcision; penile trauma or infection history, local scar formation, especially sexually transmitted diseases sequela (such as syphilis); may also be caused by a special disease called Peyronie’s disease, and the main features of this disease is the penis with nodular or funicular induration.

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