A few tricks to make men genitals healthier

A few tricks to make men genitals healthier 1, walking in the park after dinner with five thousand steps, it can break down blood sugar, and calm the sympathetic nerve.

2, in order to avoid the sexual function drops, naked sleeping at night will be a good idea, which can make your genitals breathe fresh air, and the scrotum can also be cooling down to enhance the testis function.

3, iron hardness penis training: prepare a pot of ice cold water, and a pot of hot (not so hot, warm is enough) water. Put your erection penis into the ice cold water for about a minute, take out and do some massage with about one minute, then the penis scrotum even into hot water, massage for a minute, so hot and cold alternately with three times. Finally, ejaculation by masturbation. After certain time period such training, you can enhance your erection quality a lot.

4, strengthen erectile parasympathetic nerve through self-awareness: close your eyes, put down all the shoulder strength, mouth half closed, relaxation of facial muscles, and then repeat the short but slow abdominal breathing for about 30 seconds.

5, masturbation training method: it is believed that the masturbation will damage men sexual ability. It is certain that over masturbation will hurt your sexual ability, but a good penis training with masturbation can also strong man erection performance. Strong stimulation and coherent ejaculation, cannot achieve the purpose of sexual ability improvement. The right way should be hand clenched and relax, repeat the oppression of the penis, which can activate the penis nerves and blood vessels.

6, strengthen the penis reaction, the penis can free up and down movement training: when morning erection happen, finger light pressure on the 1/3 place from the tip of the penis, then the penis is pressed down, and then use the finger stick on the penis, feeling its reaction, and try to push upward penis. Repeat this action for about a minute.

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