A few things need pay attention to analytical of sexual life

There are my big difference in sex skills and position, but one thing is the same, that is sexual health. We all know that the real sexual life is, but about sex health problems, which you may know less. Therefore, today pop healthy living network specially to sum up the following sex bad habits. Want to enjoy sex, these do no good oh.

Rapid sex

To modern people, everything needs fast, due to this is a fast times. The fast rhythm of life rhythm, even sexual love requires fast, faster, fastest. But the rapid foreplay time is often very short, which can let the woman be taken by surprise, two people will be pain. There is no proper pleasure, still can make some damaged. If this situation last for a long time, not feel the love of the party will lead frigidity. Sometime there will be no sex for times due to the busy work or something else, but if you server as a task will get no pleasure. So, if there is really no sex desire, the couple can sleep separated for some days.

A few things need pay attention to analytical of sexual life

Second sex life

The sexual ability of a man is not measured by the number of sex life one night. Sometimes, the men want to show their strong power, so they think do again. Doing so will make the man’s body has been in a state of excitement, and it may lead erectile dysfunction. A tension sex is more pleasure than hastily sprint two times, and also much healthier.

No protective measures sex

There is no and protective measures for the sex, it always frightened. Even enjoy a moment of passion, afterwards also brings a trouble to us. In fact, any pleasure way love between lovers is feasible, but the problem is that you don’t know the position of each other if there’s another pathogen, and sometimes he (she) do not know. If in order to be happy, you use some none safe way, it is undoubtedly buried seeds of risks for your health. Anyway, safe sex is the most important.

Emergency contraception

Contraceptive methods are varied, and emergency contraception is only one of them. Young greedy lovers want the best pleasure, so they do not want to use condoms during sex, so woman emergency contraceptive will be used within 72 hours to avoid accidental pregnancy. However, there is no medicine ensure one hundred percent safety. The emergency contraception can use only occasionally, but if you often use this way, it will lead great harm on her body. There will be resistance after used for a long time. If really tempting, but do not want to use a condom, then, the proposing party to use contraceptives, can also play a contraceptive needle, a week, a month or six months. For the long dwell with her, or use a condom is better. You can try the ultrathin condom, bring you real skin experience.

A few things need pay attention to analytical of sexual life

Drinking cold drinks after sex life

Sex is a physical activity, especially the male, who control of sovereignty in the sex. After making love sweating, you suddenly want to drink water, but the cold water or drinker will make you feel so bad in the second day. Cold drink is not only easy to get stomach disease after sex, and was an assault on the entire stretch body. Prepare some warm water or hot drinks for him (her).

Don’t wash your hands

Sex is the skin to skin contact each other, and hands play very important role. Everyone know that washing hands and then for sex is very important. But sometimes because of critical desire will forget to wash. Especially for the new married lovers, often improvised sex. But you should know that the sensitive parts of the body is also very sensitive to bacteria. If you do not pay attention to health, the bacteria will take advantage.

Above is the bad habits which should avoided during the sex life which will not only detrimental to the quality of sex, but also make our health damage. The well-known gender brand LELO once said that the perfect sexual love is based on safety and health.

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