A cup of coffee before exercise is more conducive to weight loss

Do you know, a cup of coffee before exercise is more conducive to weight loss! The coffee containing fragrance, sour, bitter and sweet, rich sense of taste has become a refreshing drinker in the morning. Not only that, drinking coffee can also help to improve attention, and the coffee is also the best choice when you want to relax. Furthermore, in recent studies coffee have also been proved to be helpful for weight loss. So let’s go deeper.

A cup of coffee contains about 60-100mg of caffeine, which is a bitter substance, and it can make the brain activity and inhibit fatigue as well, therefore, the coffee will be identity as refreshing drinker with much people’s favorite. One hour after drinking a cup of boiled water or a cup of coffee for a run of up to 30 minutes (equivalent to the treadmill moderate running).

A cup of coffee before exercise is more conducive to weight loss

One hour after drinking coffee, the sympathetic nervous system was in excited status, and the changes of free fatty acids in the blood were changed to an easy to supply energy condition, and the concentration was increased. In addition, the fat burning index (respiratory quotient) can last 5 hours. Even just stand up and do not exercise after drinking coffee, you can also find increased energy metabolism. If you start of the exercise after drinking coffee, the effect of energy metabolism will be better, more durable.

So, can only rely on coffee to burn fat? It is rare that fat is converted into free fatty acids in the presence of caffeine to provide energy, if you not to use these free fatty acids will be too wasteful. It needs to be emphasized is that even if the fat in caffeine into free fatty acids, if you do not use these muscles through exercise of free fatty acids consumed, so it won’t be long before they would return to a neutral fat. In other words, only drink coffee without exercise, cannot achieve the effect of fat burning weight loss.

So, how to drink coffee, when to drink coffee, this fat burning effect will be the best? How to exercise more appropriate?

30 minutes after drinking coffee, caffeine began to enter the blood, while stimulating the sympathetic nervous activity and this state will last for about 5 hours, during this time, the body is in a state of body fat burning. In daily life, as long as the appropriate time for about half an hour of aerobic exercise can be great. Even if it is not strenuous exercise, as long as the correct posture, walking can also help burn fat.

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