9 misunderstandings on drinking tea

Tea has become the world’s most popular and the most healthy green drinks. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about tea. "The India times" recently published paper to help readers to eliminate 9 misunderstandings on drinking tea.

9 misunderstandings on drinking tea

Misunderstanding one

White tea and Black Tea are from different plants. The fact is that the White tea and Black Tea are from the same tea plants, but with different processing methods. Black Tea has special fermentation process, and white tea leaves are picked up without rolling, and then dried in the sun or fire drying.

Misunderstanding two

White tea and Green Tea have the same effect. In all the teas, the white tea contains the most antioxidant content and the least caffeine content.

9 misunderstandings on drinking tea

Misunderstanding three

Milk will not reduce the tea health effects.  One paper on "The European Heart Journal" recent found that the casein in milk will combine catechol, so drink tea together with milk will destroy the tea heart disease prevention effect.

Misunderstanding four

The caffeine content of tea leaves is higher than Coffee. America Department of agriculture research discovery that a cup of tea contains caffeine is 1/3 of a cup of Coffee caffeine content.

Misunderstanding five

Too much tea easily leads to dehydration. Although tea is diuretic, but due to caffeine’s sake, diuretic effect of tea will gradually decline. In addition, 99% of the tea is water which can keep the body has enough water. Furthermore, the white tea is the most wonderful for water supplier.

9 misunderstandings on drinking tea

Misunderstanding six

Drinking Tea will damage teeth. Tea is a natural source of fluoride, which can enhance the tooth enamel, prevention of dental caries. Tea also helps prevent plaque and oral produce acidic substances from sugar to avoid injury of teeth.

Misunderstanding seven

Tea will lead to hyperacidity. Tea is alkaline food, so it will never add the hyperacidity problem. In fact, Black Tea has preventing gastric ulcer effect.

Misunderstanding eight

Cooked tea tastes better. Tea only need hot water, without boiling water, but the boiled tea will be more bitter.

Misunderstanding nine

Tea can cause insomnia. Tea contains caffeine, so there is a refreshing effect, excessive intake will affect sleep. But more and more research suggests that the amino L and theanine in tea has a positive effect on improving sleep quality.

9 misunderstandings on drinking tea

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