9 forbidden items in drink Soybean Milk

During nowdays life, people will drink milk or soybeen milk during their breakfast, and especially in China breakfast menu, the soybean milk is very popular choice. But do you what kind of situation of drinking soybean mile will have bad effect on your healthy living at the morning time.

9 forbidden items in drink Soybean Milk

1, forbid drinking uncooked Soybean Milk

Many people like to buy raw Soybean Milk for home heating, and misunderstand that has been boiled when see there are some bubble coming. In fact this is Soybean Milk organic matter expansion, which is formation of bubbles, but this is not boiled.

Not boiled Soybean Milk is harmful to human body. Because Soybean Milk contains two kinds of toxic substances, which will lead to protein metabolism disorders, and gastrointestinal tract irritation, causing poisoning symptoms. Prevention of Soybean Milk poisoning is to Soybean heat to 100 degree.

If you have a headache, respiratory obstruction and other symptoms after drinking Soybean Milk, should immediately seek medical treatment, must not delay the time to prevent life-threatening.

9 forbidden items in drink Soybean Milk

2, avoid adding egg in Soybean Milk.

Many people like to add an egg in Soybean Milk, thinking this is more nutritious, but this method is unscientific, and it is wrong. Because the egg protein in the mucus easily combine with Soybean Milk trypsin, which will produce a new substance which can not be absorbed by the body, greatly reduce the body’s absorption of nutrients.

9 forbidden items in drink Soybean Milk

3, avoid keeping in vacuum flask

Some people like to use vacuum flask to keep Soybean Milk warm, but this approach is undesirable, because the vacuum flask inside temperature and humidity conditions are conducive to bacterial growth. In addition Soybean Milk can also dissolve scale inside the vacuum flask, so this will be harmful to human health.

9 forbidden items in drink Soybean Milk

4, avoid excessive drinking

Drinking too much Soybean Milk for one time will easily to cause protein indigestion, there abdominal distention, diarrhea and other symptoms.

5, avoid drink Soybean Milk with empty stomach

When you are hunger with empty stomach, Soybean Milk proteins will be transformed into heat in the human body, so it can not fully play a tonic effect. Eating bread, pastry, Steamed buns and other starchy foods while drinking Soybean Milk, can make the Soybean Milk protein fully digestion occurs under the action of the starch, so that nutrients can fully absorb.

9 forbidden items in drink Soybean Milk

6, avoid drinking with some drug together

Some drugs will destroy the nutritional content of Soybean Milk, such as tetracycline, erythromycin and other antibiotics, which will happen antagonistic chemical reaction. Recommendation that 1 hour or more interval is preferably between drinking Soybean Milk and other antibiotics.

7, avoid boiling soybean milk with cover

Soybean Milk not only has to be boiled, but also avoid boiling with cover. This is because only the open situation can make the Soybean Milk inside harmful substances evaporate with the water vapor.

9 forbidden items in drink Soybean Milk

8, less drink for poor digestion people

Soybean Milk is not recommended for people who are indigestion, belch gas and kidney function not good. In addition, Soybean Milk under the action of the enzyme can produce gas, so the abdominal distension, diarrhea had better not drink Soybean Milk.

9, weak body is recommended to drink soybean milk

Because of Soybean Milk is made from soybeans, and soybean contains high purine ingredients, so the people who are suffering with gout symptoms, fatigue, weakness, mental fatigue and other symptoms are not suitable for drinking Soybean Milk.

9 forbidden items in drink Soybean Milk

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