9 food to be banned from the United States

The United States has a variety of tourism resources, which is the first choice for many people holiday travel. However in the diet, each country has its unique habits.  Buzzfeed listed the following nine kinds of food which are the delicacies in the eyes of a lot of people, but in the United States is was strictly prohibited. If you want to know the reason, please go through the below contents.

1 Kinder surprisingly eggs

Country of origin: Italy, Germany, and other European countries

Reasons for banned: compared with other snacks, Kinder Surprise eggs hide a piece of little stuff in each chocolate eggs. However, in 1938, federal law expressly provides that no food can contain any non-edible items. Since then, the United States became the only country in the world to prohibit Kinder Surprise eggs, but there are still a lot of people eager, smuggled Kinder Surprise eggs into the mirror, annually in the United States Customs can seized thousands of Kinder Surprise eggs.

9 food to be banned from the United States

2 puffer

Country of origin: Japan

Reason for banned: Although puffer fish is delicious, but if handled un-properly it will make people’s life losing. Because of the puffer fish body containing toxic, so only the cook with license and professional knowledge, can only be legitimate cooking Japanese pufferfish. If you really have the interest and courage to try this dish in the United States, click here to view the United States legal supply of puffer restaurant list.

3 Italy live maggots cheese

Country of origin: Italy

Banned reason: when you see deterioration spoilage of cheese in daily life, I believe you will keep a distance. However, this Italy cheese is deliberately added to the larvae, in order to promote the special level of fermentation. When the fat in cheese is completely corrupt, it produces such a special flavor. Many people believe that live maggots eat together in order to truly appreciate this cheese delicious.

4 sheep meat stuffing

Country of origin: the United Kingdom

Reasons banned: the United States does not allow haggis import reason is this kind of food contains sheep lung, this conflict with the federal food safety regulations. It turned out that since 1971, the United States has banned the lungs of animals throughout the country. Despite repeated efforts from the government of Scotland, the United States has never made concessions to it.

5 West African litchi fruit

Country of origin: Jamaica

Banned reason: the West African litchi fruit is the national fruit of Jamaica, and the traditional practice is to cook with salt cod. This fruit must be fully ripe in the rear of the edible, otherwise a large number of glycine A and B into the human body can cause coma and even death. From 2000 onwards, the United States has a comprehensive ban on fresh fruit from the West African litchi fruit, only to allow a small number of vendors selling canned fruit.

6 goose liver

Country of origin: France

Banned reason (California): you may not know that the production process of goose liver is actually quite cruel. In order to obtain the great goose liver, people with a hose irrigation large amounts of feed to the goose, to artificially make them become more hypertrophy. So cruel goose liver production caused the strong opposition from animal protection organizations, so the state of California in the United States since 2012 has been a ban on goose liver sales.

7 fin

Country of origin: China

Banned reason: In order to protect wild shark resources, 8 states have passed laws that prohibit the sale of shark fins. Every year, the number of sharks killed by getting the shark’s fin has reached 1 million, which has caused great harm to the shark population over the years. Some scientists estimate that some species of shark populations have plummeted to 10% of the original.

8 horse meat

Country of origin: many countries

Reasons banned: since 2006, federal law prohibited Ministry of agriculture the use of government funds to check the horse meat, because Americans and horses from the pioneering era established a deep relationship, less than compelling are not the horse as their dishes. In the United States today’s supermarkets and restaurants are basically impossible to see the horse figure.

9 roe sauce

Country of origin: Russia, Iran and other countries near the Caspian Sea

Banned reason: for the protection of wild sturgeon resources, the United States in 2005 the banning of wild roe sauce into the local market. But in fact, lock up caviar did not the people of the United States caused much impact, because the caviar banned before an ounce, the price as high as $200, so high prices have already let many people flinch.

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