8 unknown secret of fast food, try to eat less

The problem of American children obesity has reached crisis levels, and the fast food and other junk food is considered as the arch-criminal. Recently, America pediatric experts David Ludwig and New York University nutrition professor Marion Nestor in the fast food industry long-term follow-up survey, summed up the “fast 8 secret unknown”.

8 unknown secret of fast food, try to eat less

1, The annual costly advertisement only to attract children. The global fast food advertising costs up to $10,000,000,000 a year.

2, Study sponsored by fast-food supplier is not scientific. A large retrospective study analyzed hundreds of items related to milk, fruit juice and soda health effects research conclusion, which study funded by the fast food business is not science.

3. The fast food manufacturers provide large donation to occupation nutrition association. The American Dietetic Association accepted the donation from fast food Company, and then became the authoritative backer.

4, as we know that if the food processing is more, the higher profit will be, but less health. In order to maximize the pursuit of profit, fast food is often by the multi-channel processes become high calorie low nutrition.

8 unknown secret of fast food, try to eat less

5, food processing is less, the full abdomen feeling stronger. Fresh apples are rich in fiber and nutrients, once processed applesauce or apple juice, the loss of these nutrients will occur.

6, “health food replacement” is unhealthy. Sports drinks and vitamin drink is cola alternatives, but they contain a lot of sugar and calories, which is not healthy.

7, the food attached with healthy label and it is not necessarily really healthy food. “Zero trans fat” or “containing whole wheat” and other words will cause health illusion. The real food will be less nutritional, but is rich in salt, sugar and saturated fat content.

8, The industry pressure change nutrition guide. In 1977, the United States public health officials advice to “reducing meat intake” into the “American diet guide”, but under pressure of the related Companies, finally the vague suggestions “choose a low saturated fat meat, poultry and fish”.

8 unknown secret of fast food, try to eat less

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