8 things can mostly increase the couple sex fun

Two people together for a long time probably are not interested in sex. How to deal with this problem? Recently, the public health network recommends the following eight tips to increase the fun, which don’t need any appliances, as long as a little break the old habits can add to the excitement and spontaneity of sex.

1 open the window, draw the curtains

Breeze blowing bare skin, the neighbors could faintly hear sex shy moan, these will be more fully mobilize your sexy desire. Or more daring, make love in your new car. Fear of being found will stimulate epinephrine to bring the excitement and sense of urgency to fight.

8 things can mostly increase the couple sex fun

2 mutually rub the scalp

There are a lot of nerve endings on the scalp, and this can also explain why the massage head feel very comfortable. This contact can promote the secretion of oxytocin to make the couple feel more closely.

3 use the sofa

The husband sat on the sofa, his wife sat face to face in his lap. When do kissing, his wife can swing back and forth, expert said that this will bring extreme sexual pleasure.

4 slowly

Sometimes the couple’s sexual mood need slowly transferred, so you can try to use a mobile phone to send flirtatious text messages, such as “tell you, I’m wearing the red underwear you like”, which will appear sexy scenes in spouse mind. When they returned to the home, what will happen is self-evident.

8 things can mostly increase the couple sex fun

5 ice stimulation

Sexology expert thinks, with cold ice can make sexy contact warmer. You can try to use ice passing over other’s lips and inner thighs. Please don’t give up when the other party cannot hold.

6 descriptive activities

In sex, just say the current activities, such as “your hands are stroking on my lap, and it feels great”, so your partner will know what can arouse your yearn, or what action can bring you pleasure.

8 things can mostly increase the couple sex fun

7 role play

Have a common fantasy can make couples attached closer. Couples can try to role play to reproduce the two people still remember the most warm beautiful screen time.

8 use lubricant

Prepare some lubricant in the cupboard. So during the foreplay, it will be very useful.

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