8 kind of "detoxification" secret recipe for your reference

Do you want to continue without scruples to enjoy the gluttonous feast? Then you must know these food can help you immediately and detoxification. They can quickly clean your body, and let you no fasting of any pain.

Pop healthy living network made a complete Detox food list for you, let you easily immediately detoxification!

1, Liver cleaning: almonds

Cocktail in winter not only bring you a hangover, but will also bring fat. After you overeat later, fat deposition will bring load to your liver, so that you at increased risk of developing liver cancer. But according to recent one by the National Cancer Institute in the Journal of research suggests that only a handful of rich in vitamin almonds can help you to discharge excess fat. The researchers also found that the amount of vitamin E intake and the risk of liver cancer between the high and low there is a clear inverse response. The experimental data show that you, eat up to about 16 mg of almonds have 40% of the possibility of reducing the risk of liver cancer.

8 kind of "detoxification" secret recipe for your reference

2, Stomach cleaning: Avocado Salad (avocado)

You can simply think the guacamole as your digestive system driver. A study in the Journal of agricultural and food chemistry studies the liver damaged rats fed with 22 different kinds of fruits. What kind of fruit is the most useful? Yes, it is avocado. Coriander salad with avocado special flavor, containing a unique oil and will send you the message that you are already full.

3, Abdominal fat blocking agent: white tea

Any tea can help you to relieve nerves, but white tea is more able to attack the abdominal fat of the medicine. A study published in the journal showed that white tea can also promote the decomposition of fat and prevent the formation of massive fat cells, so it is one of the best weight loss tea.

4, Analgesics: turmeric

If you put an ice pack on your forehead, and a little bit of curry, then your body can also get the same anti-inflammatory effect. Research shows that curcumin is a bright orange turmeric spice compounds have strong anti-inflammatory effects on the liver. A study in the Journal Gut found that supplementation with curcumin significantly reduced the likelihood of inflammation caused by blockage of the bile duct, so it is a really good diet pill.

5, Relieve hangover: Asparagus

According to a study in the Journal of food science, amino acids and minerals found in asparagus can reduce the symptoms of a hangover, protect liver cells antitoxin. At the same time, the vegetable is also a natural diuretic that helps to eliminate excess toxins in the body system.

8 kind of "detoxification" secret recipe for your reference

6, Cholesterol: green cabbage

Cabbage has an incredible ability to purify excess cholesterol, especially when it is used as a steaming dish. A recent study in the Journal of a nutrition magazine found that the steamed cabbage leaves are rich in bile acids and cholesterol, which are substances that reduce cholesterol.

7, Poison weapon: Lemonade

At least 8 glasses of water a day – this theory has been accepted by most people. You can also put a few slices of lemon in your water. Citrus fruits contain a wealth of antioxidant matter, stimulate the liver enzyme excluding the body of toxins.

8, Plumber: wild salmon artery

If you quit smoking is a new year’s resolution, it is recommended that you can also add a new item: eat more wild salmon. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can reverse the atherosclerosis and eliminate the side effects associated with smoking, anti-inflammatory, researchers said. International Journal of Cardiology week study found that smokers need only everyday just 2 grams of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation, will find the static elastic arteries significantly improved, healthy smooth blood flow.

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