8 female contraceptive method comparison

The selfish man don’t like taking contraception. Now you do not need to depend on men for contraception, women can also have their own ways of contraception. Have a look the comparison of these methods advantage and disadvantage.

8 female contraceptive method comparison

1, The Today Sponge

The Today Sponge is circular shape, the diameter is about 5.5 cm, thickness is about 2.5 cm. A depression can cover the cervix mouth. The success rate is as high as 84%.

Advantages: beautiful lovely contraceptive sponge is easy to use, and wears one can do a lot of times within 24 hours.

Disadvantages: it is painful when pull it out, also make skin allergies caused by spermicide in sponge.

8 female contraceptive method comparison

2, Nuva Ring

Nuva Ring is an outer diameter of 5.4mm soft transparent ring. You can easily insert it into the vagina just once a month, then without using other contraceptive measures, which belongs to a hormonal contraceptive method, so the success rate is up to 92%. Pull it our after 3 weeks, and insert a new one after a week.

Advantages: we called it "set it and forget it", it is too convenient.

Disadvantages: just worry it will fall out, and the vagina will be a little dry.

8 female contraceptive method comparison

3, contraceptive Diaphragm

Contraceptive Diaphragm can only guarantee a time contraceptive, and you need a new one if you have sex again.

Advantages: it does not contain hormones, and it is also very easy to place.

Disadvantages: for the washing problem, always have no idea.

8 female contraceptive method comparison

4, the contraceptive patch

The contraceptive patch size is about half a card, just like a flesh colored stickers. Through uninterrupted releasing hormone, through the skin, vessels into the blood, thereby inhibiting ovulation, so as to achieve contraceptive effect. Any one can put in the hips, abdomen, arm and the outside parts of shoulder, but can’t stick in the chest. In the first day of menstrual period or period started the first Sunday posted a piece, and then replace one piece each week at the same day. And sotp use in the fourth weeks. The patch is designed to be waterproof, users do not need to worry it will fall when a taking shower or swimming. The success rate is as high as 92%.

Advantages: convenient! And not easy to forget like oral contraceptives.

Disadvantages: because it is a hormonal contraceptive tool, so you always feel illness

8 female contraceptive method comparison

5, intrauterine device (IUD)

This creepy thing is called contraceptive ring, whic  is the "equipment" puting in the uterus. From the start in the uterus, it can work for five years. For excessive blood and dysmenorrhea women, this method is especially suitable, and the success rate is as high as 99%, that means it is almost impossible to be pregnant.

Advantages: you can forget anything about pregnancy

Disadvantages: make some woman body colic.

8 female contraceptive method comparison

6, subcutaneous implants (Implanon)

Advantages: don’t considered take it out every day, and also have treatment of dysmenorrhea

Disadvantages: irregular bleeding, headaches, weight gain, osteoporosis, some women even amenorrhea.

8 female contraceptive method comparison

7, Depo-Provera

One time useage can have contraceptive for 3 months. Take 150mg injection at second to seventh days afte the period 1, and 1 time every 3 months.

Advantages: ease dysmenorrhea, and regular injection will prevent forgeting to eat contraceptives drug troubles.

Disadvantages: pain and bleeding.

8 female contraceptive method comparison

8, Sterilization

Operation is much  cruel than the drawing of the picture, and I don’t want to say too much about the operation. But the success rate is almost one hundred percent. Unless you don’t want to have a baby any more, or it is not recommended.

Advantages: never have to worry about pregnancy

Disadvantages: operation process is very short but very painful.

8 female contraceptive method comparison

Remember, the condom is the most useful contraceptive methods to prevent the intrusion of AIDS, and the female contraceptive tool no matter how light will bring certain harm. So as a man, you need to do something to protect your woman.

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