7 of the most erotic foreplay

Harmonious sexual life cannot do without great foreplay. Many people think that foreplay is just kissing and caressing each other. In fact, you are not totally right. The following content is 8 most erotic foreplay selected by experts, let’s learn it together.

7 of the most erotic foreplay

1, send a mobile message to flirt during the day time.

If you want to enjoy a wonderful sex after work, so it is better to flirt at the day time. Send a mobile message to your lover to tell him or her there will be a surprise in the night, but not to disclose more information, let him (her) imagine.

2, Remember the "3T" principle.

The 3T principle is including Tempting, Tantalising and Teasing. For example, wearing sexy clothes walking back and forth in the room, looking back behind are all the good way to flirt.

7 of the most erotic foreplay

3, wearing his shirt.

The best way to attract your husband attention is putting on his oversized shirt and tie. The sexy lingerie under the big shirt will let him drool with envy. Stockings and boots are also very sexy. With bright red lipstick, sexy cleavage will let him wild.

4, Only you touch him, don’t let him touch you.

Because of the initiative is on female side, the man can only see and think, but no hands, so this will make him intolerable.

7 of the most erotic foreplay

5, Don’t turn off the lights.

Keep the bedroom lights on, and the light should not be too bright or too dark, to create a romantic and sexy intimate environment. The best choice is to use brightness adjustable lamp.

6, take off clothes slowly.

It is important to know the clothes taking off rhythm, step by step, slowly taking off. For example, allowing the shoulders exposed one by one, clothes natural slowly slide down, do not take off everything in a glance.

7, tied his hands with a scarf.

Tied his hands with color sexy scarf. Let him know the rules of the game: not allowed to open the "shackles", otherwise you will give him a little "punishment".

7 of the most erotic foreplay

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