7 love hints from woman wearing information

Hint one, wearing low V collar shirt

This type of dress of women may think: do you like what you see? Give me your love. Research has shown that women wear will be more sexy when nearing ovulation.

America Texas State University researcher Christina said: “the single female plays more attention on such physiological changes than the girl who already has boyfriend. They doing this are to attract the prince charming.”

7 love hints from woman wearing information

Hint two, wear warm sweaters

Fisher think that the women wearing soft, easy to touch clothing, is on display their gentle and delicate features. This is a subtle and obscure sexual invitation, which often make men fascinated.

Hint three: Implied see-through underwear

This is to say: look at my shoulder, and my sexy underwear. This is a clear sexual invitation, so men should hold this opportunity.

7 love hints from woman wearing information

Hint four, waist pack wearing

In the charming waist pack wearing or skirts, means that the women want to reflect their own beautiful and delicate features. The female curve is mainly manifested in the ratio of waist and hip, which depends on the level of estrogen. Therefore, the woman who likes to play up his waist, inadvertently convey a message: “welcome to talk with me.”

Hint five, red clothes

Experts pointed out that the red is a warm color, saying this people like to make friends, hoping to attract more attention. Moreover, they are full of confidence, eager to become the focus of attention.

7 love hints from woman wearing information

Hint six, high-heeled shoes

The high heel can raise the buttocks, lengthen the leg line. This has a fatal attraction of men. American psychologist Luis Weil University Kan Ning said: “if a woman wearing high heels and walk through the streets with you, it is undoubtedly contains two signals: first, please carefully appreciate my beautiful figure; second, I’m not here to go shopping with you, find a place to sit down and talk.”

Hint seven, sexy woman wearing skirt

The dress is the woman carefully selected “sex hint” for the man.

Once you can understand the women dress hidden “secret language”, men will be able to better judge the sexual signal transfer out of lovers.

7 love hints from woman wearing information

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