7 kinds of fruit make men healthy

Many male friends are always under high pressure, but not pay attention to their health. In some men’s menu, meat will always stand on the first place and the fruit and vegetable food is always catering, and sometimes there are even no vegetables and fruits. In fact, the fruit plays an important role in men’s health. The following special recommendation fruits are the most beneficial to man’s health.

7 kinds of fruit make men healthy

1, Heart said: “I want to ease the pressure!”

Recommendation fruit: watermelon

The pressure on the heart is actually quite large, so it is easy to appear the arrhythmia phenomenon or premature beats. Nutrition experts point out that the watermelon has magical effect on cardiac protection, due to the citrulline, which can be transformed into arginine to alleviate the vascular pressure, so it can release heart discomfort eased as soon as possible. The best dosage of watermelon is to eat 3 times a week, each 1/4 can be enough.

7 kinds of fruit make men healthy

2, Teeth said: “I want more clean!”

Recommendation Fruit: Apple

Teeth problems are really very difficult. If you brush your teeth not seriously for a week to, the protective layer of the teeth will be destroyed and the bacteria are difficult to be removed again. At this time, you need to ask help for apple, which is the umbrella of the teeth. The British science researchers tell us, Apple has weak acidity, and also have hemostatic effect, and contains rich cellulose. The apple can not only clean teeth, but also can achieve the effect of teeth surface bright! If you want to make your teeth bright white and clean, one apple every day will be great choice.

7 kinds of fruit make men healthy

3, Liver said: “I want to detox!”

Recommended fruit: red dates

Unable to guarantee regular sleep time, your Liver Detox will be natural blocked, so at this time it needs some energy for the moving. And this energy can be found in the red dates. So, if you want to have good liver, every afternoon to eat 3 red dates!

7 kinds of fruit make men healthy

4, Prostate said: “Too hot, I need to cool down!”

Recommendation fruit: pomegranate

When the prostate temperature, increases, the chance of prostate cancer will increase as well. So, we would like to recommend the king of the “antioxidant” pomegranate, as it is rich in polyphenols, anthocyanins, ellagic acid, isoflavones and other nutrition, which have very strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory role, so it prevent the human body healthy cells from the free radical. If you drink the pomegranate juice, it will be much more better for absorption.

7 kinds of fruit make men healthy

5, Scalp said: “I want to protect the health of hair follicle, need to remove the dandruff!”

Recommendation fruit: citrus

Investigation shows that the probability of men suffered dandruff is 1.5 times than women. This is mainly caused by the fewer intakes of the fruits and vegetables, the body is out of the nutrition balanced, combined with the work pressure, finally resulting in dandruff. Removing the dandruff is not only to the delivery of nutrients to the scalp, but also need to enhance scalp immunity, eliminate the psychological anxiety and pressure caused by life. So the citrus can do great help on this, which contain rich vitamin C which can enhance immunity, more importantly, it has a calming the nerves, the fight against of aging. If you have dandruff problem, eat one citrus a day can help you a lot.

7 kinds of fruit make men healthy

6, Eyes said: “I or fatigue, not dry!”

Recommendation fruit: kiwi

If you feel dry eyes, fatigue and sore, this means vitamin A and folic acid are lost from you body. At this time, eat kiwi fruit is the best choice, as it can inject enough vitamin A for your body and folic acid, which can achieve the function of protecting liver, role, let the eyes moist and healthy.

7 kinds of fruit make men healthy

7, Joint said: “I want more freedom to move!”

Recommendation fruit: cherry

Men are do less and less sports during the daily life, and no movement is the bane of joint health, because the joint will be the lack of blood and nutrients lubrication. If you can take 100g Cherry every week, it can improve joint health. Cherry can promote blood circulation, and help to prevent the excretion of uric acid, gout and arthritis.

7 kinds of fruit make men healthy

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