7 great advantage of eat eggs in breakfast

Eggs absolutely play an important role in the breakfast food list. Recently, some healthy topic related website published 7 great advantage of eat eggs in breakfast.

1, egg is more resistant to hungry

Egg is more resistant to hungry than bread, Steamed buns, cereals etc. The protein and fat can provide energy for your continued steady to let your stomach full for longer.

7 great advantage of eat eggs in breakfast

2, egg helps weight loss

The research proved that the people who eat eggs as breakfast are more likely to lose weight.

3, egg is an excellent source of protein

Egg protein contains all the essential amino acids of the human body required, so it is the most comprehensive protein.

4, egg price is high

Compared with other protein rich foods, such as Bacon and beef, the eggs price is also much lower.

7 great advantage of eat eggs in breakfast

5, an egg will not increase your cholesterol level

There is a certain amount of cholesterol in eggs, but also there are some substances to help reduce cholesterol level. As long as the guarantee that the number of eggs, it will not increase the risk of heart disease.

6, egg is beneficial to brain development and memory

The egg yolk is rich in choline, which can promote brain development and beneficial brain function. At the same time, choline can improve memory, reaction force.

7, eggs can protect eyesight

There are two kinds of antioxidants in the egg yolk, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which can help protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation damage. They help to reduce the risk of suffering from senile cataract.

7 great advantage of eat eggs in breakfast

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